Booties everywhere

Booties are everywhere these days — magazines, TV, recent posts on The Budget Babe, Debutante Clothing, My Fashion Life, and Fashion Tribes… and even in my Salemail!

Check out these hot styles — it’s refreshing to see that sale prices aren’t only available on last-season’s goods, but even on brand new trends:

  Loeffler Randall Blythe D-Ring Bootie Loeffler Randall Blythe D-Ring BootieReg: $439.00   Now: $307.30[

KORS MICHAEL KORS Black]( JhWAh4Rd4ydJ66qRV9_sliabAe1VdY_sliyRUE8J2tm97VcqtP5ijhMbfP6Sczkc _plsXfZawl6FpUjcO2siULt3ZFIIp4Rx99Pymu7_plxf&userKey=C4HPsIuerWjzM_eq&mailerDate=200809231725) KORS   MICHAEL KORS BlackReg: $334.99   Now: $180.89Use code SEPT08 atcheckout for this price.  Jessica Simpson 'Lefigo' Bootie Jessica Simpson ‘Lefigo’ BootieReg: $118.95   Now: $79.90[

Charles David Leopard Pony]( JhWAh4Rd4ydJ66qRV9_sliabAe1VdY_sliyRUE8J2tm97VcqtP6sQkBjAV_plejWb2 pEMsH0y56FpUjcO2siUBRkIRKLAqSpngr7JzWrU_sl&userKey=C4HPsIuerWjzM_eq&mailerDate=200809231726) Charles David Leopard PonyReg: $534.99   Now: $288.89Use code SEPT08 atcheckout for this price