I’ve mentioned it before — I don’t like tucking in my shirt. The fabric bunches, the shirt doesn’t stay tucked and it’s just generally uncomfortable.

Maybe other ladies don’t like shirt tucking either, because body suits are creeping back in to the fashion scene, and not just at American Apparel. I’ve spotted them everywhere from high-end designers to Topshop to my Salemail.

Although I haven’t worn them since childhood, it seems body suits do offer some advantages, if you can get past the feeling of wearing a dance leotard.

Opening Ceremony simple knit bodysuit
, Reg:  $178, Now: $105.90
Opening Ceremony v-neck bodysuit, Reg: $223, Now: $132.90

Aside from the whole tucking in aspect, you can move around any which way in them and they’ll never ride up. They could also be cute pieces to layer under dresses without added bulk. So what do you think – would you sport one?

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