Big Sales -- When??

We love sales. You should know that by now!

In addition to continual markdowns throughout the year, most of the major department stores and some of the other chain stores have annual sales. I always find myself wondering “When is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?”… Although they may easily vary from year-to-year, depending on their business climate and needs, being the sale experts that we are at Shop It To Me, we put together a ‘cheat-sheet’ based on some past sales events to help you predict when you should get excited because you’re getting close to sale time!…Hope this helps!

**Nordstrom **– 1/2 Yearly Sale for Women & Kids in May and November (this year starts Wed May 21 according to Nordstrom’s website, although the Wall Street Journal reported that it will be earlier this year than in the past),1/2 Yearly Sale for Men is mid-June and late December, Anniversary Sale -July (for more on Nordstrom sales from their website click here)

Bloomingdale’s – Big Brown Bag sales are once a quarter and range from 15-20% off when you use your Bloomie’s card — sources tell me the next one is Memorial Day weekend…

Macy’s – Many sales, seemingly all the time! These including the famous Thanksgiving Dale Sale, other One Day sales, Macy’s Home Sale, Memorial Day Sale, Labor Day Sale, Presidents Day Sale, Pre-Season Sale, and more… sorry I can’t be more specific here!

Saks – lots of events. Here’s some details: Beauty Week is 2x per year in April and October, Fragrance Week is early to mid-May, Big Sales in July and January, Triple Points Event at end of May, Friends and Family in late October, Designer sales a few times a year …. and a special plug for Trish McEvoy: they have a Master Class event (where they teach you how to do makeup the Trish way) on August 2, 2008 in select stores

Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Ann Taylor typically have a big sale at the end of each season to clear out the store before introducing new lines. Look for summer styles to go on sale near the end of June.

Thanks to Cec for some assistance on this post! Note: these may not be 100% accurate this coming year, but just a hunch/guidance from previous experience…