Best Places for Outfit Inspiration

cosmochikWithout style inspiration we would spend every day of our lives in flipflops, ratty jeans, and baggy shirts.  Cosmochik’s Coterie is here to navigate you toward some of the best places to sip up some inspiration, right here on the web. Her blog is all about immersing yourself in hot fashions, exciting new designer & retailer updates, great shopping finds, and much more! The following are her picks for “best places for outfit inspiration”:****

Shopbop Lookbooks

Shopbop offers lookbooks inspired by trends of the moment, such as “Modern Gypsy”, “Tie-Dye Denim”, “Summer Whites” and “Harem Pants”.  Each lookbook includes fantastic photos of “wearable” and most importantly “achievable and wallet-friendly” looks.  Designer brands are clearly labeled, and you can shop the look by a simple click on the photo.


This is a VERY addicting site for the inner stylist in you.  Sign up for a profile and you can start putting your own looks together from hundreds of current items from a large assortment of designer brands. You can create an outfit for everyday of the week.  Then label and catalog them for your own library of outfits. Or view all looks from other members which are uploaded to the site daily.  It’s like a never-ending closet with outfit inspiration created by you and other aspiring stylists!  Check out some of my creations with the “Whyred” handbag and the “YSL Caged Booties”.


Shop It To Me

There’s no question that is on my list! How fantastic and convenient is it to have an online personal shopper? Once you get your personalized emails, have some fun by picking out items to put together super cute outfits. It’s basically like stepping into your virtual dressing room and trying out clothes, accessories, and footwear from all of your fave stores and brands. There’s plenty of inspiration from the plethora of fashion photos!


Fabsugar’s “Look of the Day” Posts and “Looks of the Week” Albums

I love how these outfits are created by everyday girls like you, me, a fashionista best friend, or a shopaholic sister!  “Look of the Day” posts provide great outfit inspiration because each piece within the outfit is clearly listed with the brand name.  “Looks of the Week” albums are posted weekly, and Fabsugar introduces each album with fabulous details to look for while you peruse.


**Other Fellow Fashion Bloggers (Sea of Shoes, Nitrolicious, Late Afternoon)

The girls that head up these fashion blogs are at the forefront of the hottest trends and freshest updates on industry happenings, as well as having the most creative and amazing photographs of their outfits.  Outfits are described to the finest detail and include a mix of brands from low to high.  What stands out to me is that they are passionate about all things fashion, and it comes through in their posts and photos.  Check in daily to get inspiration for your own outfits from the tops and bottoms, to footwear, jewelry and handbags.