Announcing Personalized Designer Suggestions!

We’re excited to share breaking news!  Personalized designer brand suggestions are now available to our female subscribers, based on picks from others with a similar sense of fashion.


We know that many of you set your brand preferences when you first register for Shop It To Me, by choosing from a list of 80 “featured brands”.  But did you know there more than 600 choices available?  We know your taste is spot on, but even serious style mavens sometimes miss a brand or two.

Now with personalized recommendations, it’s even easier for you to update your selections and add more of the brands you know and love.

From that point on, we’ll do the legwork.  We’ll keep an eye out for these favorite brands to go on sale, and best of all in your size.  Shopping should be easy and fun — so please just sit back and relax, and wait for them to pop up in your personal Salemail!

To see your own customized list of labels you’re missing out on, just log in here.  Be sure to leave us a rating of how excited you are about these picks too!

If you’re not yet a Shop It To Me member, get in on the fashion frenzy by visiting and clicking Start Now. Once you’re enrolled, just log in to your account to view your personalized picks.

Happy shopping!