Annie Ladino on Astrological Style: The Libra

As the sign moved to Libra this week, I’m continuing to shed light on astrological style, this time sharing what the Libra woman is all about. Gals born between September 23rd and October 23rd, listen up!

Libra style by Annie Ladino

Leave it to a Libra, child of Venus, to make anything look chic and sexy, from a silk ball gown to jeans and a beautifully cut tee. Libra will never cross the line into questionable taste.

Libras are a sign of beauty and elegance. They have extremely lavish tastes and value quality and price over trendiness.

Libra style by Annie LadinoTheory pastel dress, Rag & Bone lace-up pants, Brian Atwood open-toe boots, Tory Burch link waist belt, Sonia Rykiel faux fur


Planet: Venus

Venus, Libra’s ruler, gives the Libra woman an appreciation for pretty things that have a sensuous appeal. Although looking current is important to her, she is brave enough to go against the grain when her heart tells her to.

Libra Style by Annie Ladino

Fendi platform booties, Burberry Prorsum blouse, Marni ruffled bracelet

Symbol:  The scales

Signifying balance, equilibrium and order

Birthstone: Opal

Symbolizing fidelity

Metal: Copper

Libra Style by Annie Ladino

*Stephen Webster astro necklace, Judy Gieb opal earrings, Gap *chain bag


Libra colors, ruled by graceful Venus, are the soft pastels found in the Rococo Period, particularly the pale blues, pinks and rose, considered shades of social refinement.

Libra style by Annie Ladino

*UO tassel earrings, Stella McCartney dress, LOFT knotted necklace *

Animals ruled by Libra:  Snakes and Lizards

The Libra puts a personal spin on whatever she wears, and it always looks effortless.

Libra Style by Annie Ladino

MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch, Kate Spade pumps

The Libra is one of the most up-to-the-minute and “in the know” signs when it comes to fashion, books music or other indicators of popular culture. Libras are the arbiters of taste and they are very much on the vanguard of what is new and hot. It’s true that if the rest of us are searching for the best newest boutique, the trendiest restaurant, and the hot new band –we soon learn to simply ask a Libra. Libra has an uncanny ability to pick up on trends before they fully manifest by the masses.

**Classic Style Icons: **

Bridgette Bardot – September 28, 1934

Rita Hayworth – October 17, 1918

Catherine Deneuve – October 22, 1943

Libra Style by Annie Ladino

Famous Stylish Libras:

Serena Williams – September 26, 1981

Gwyneth Paltrow – September 27, 1972

Naomi Watts – September 28, 1968

Marion Cotillard – September 30

Gwen Stefani – October 3, 1969

Mia Wasikowska – October 4, 1989

Kate Winslet – October 5,1975

Rachel McAdams – Ocober 7, 1976