Alexander McQueen- Why, oh why?


Yes my friends, Alexander McQueen has done it again. First with the footshoe (which Natalie recently blogged about), and now he has turned his lovely models into monsters! When I first came across the photos from his Paris runway show I was literally frightened. I realize that fashion week is all about taking risks, showing off unique creations, and turning heads, but is this really the way to go?


If you can look long enough to check out the actual clothes, there are some beautiful designs (minus that werewolf getup and the basket case hat). I love the dresses and the black and white suit.


And check out the effortless umbrella! I would certainly laugh if I saw someone sporting it on the streets of San Francisco (while secretly wishing I had one of my own). But honestly, lets hope people don’t try and recreate this freaky makeup- unless, of course, it is Halloween.


If you are a McQueen fan, and your loyalty has not been questioned by the images that you just saw, you should know that the designer recently launched a Target line. The designs are certainly not as eye-catching, but you will not have to worry about making young children cry while wearing them- always a plus.

Photos courtesy of Fashioncopious (aTrendsetter!) and Coutorture