Affordable Gift Ideas for Designer Label Lovers

*We all *logo*wan**t to get our designer-loving friends and family the gifts they crave. But, let’s face it, this simply may not be within our budgets this holiday season. Bargain Chic — the guide to a fashionably frugal life — is here to show us how to get the job done in style, without spending a fortune! *

We all know at least one person who emphatically declares like Rachel Zoe, they “die“ for designer items. They covet designer logos, expensive fabrics and haute couture looks like a girl on a diet craves chocolate. And trying to please them is not always easy on a recession-thin wallet. But this year, in particular, with stores trying to rev up their revenues, you can find plenty of designer-like items out there that ooze the sophistication and luxury of those pricey brands. Here are just a few chic gift items that can satisfy any of your designer-obsessed friends or family members this holiday season:

For that girlfriend smitten by the luxe look of designer handbags, check out Urban Outfitters’ Deux Lux Studded Hobo. It’s stylish, PETA-friendly (its faux leather if you can believe it!) and only costs $68.


Or, for your Sex in the City obsessed sister, pick up a pair of these Carrie-inspired Poetic Licensed pumps from Lori’s Shoes for a mere $88.


How about spicing up your mom’s play-it-safe wardrobe with a biker-inspired leather jacket, like this one from Frenchi for $168.


And, don’t forget about your stylish aunt, who loves one-of-a-kind items like this fancy and oh-so-chic From O’Keeffe Necklace from Anthropologie for $48.


Finally, we mustn’t forget about the men in our lives. Although most of them could care less about designer items, there may be a few fashion-forward fellows who dig those lavish looks. So, to please them, how about a bit of classy cashmere in the form of a scarf or sweater from J.Crew ( $68 and $62 respectively.)


So, the next time your Louboutin-loving friend or Chanel-salivating relative mentions a “too-die-for” extravagance, just know that with a little bit of searching, you can get them that designer-inspired item without that designer price-tag. They’ll love it just the same!