Active in Style

Your ultimate guide to staying cool as you work up a sweat.

January is peak season for gym sign-ups and that means that millions of us are pulling on our sneakers and starting to get serious about fitness. But why should getting in shape mean giving up on style?

Looking good as you practice your downward dog or tackle spin class is a great way to boost your confidence and help you perform at your best. What’s more, there has never been a better time for discovering amazing activewear. The catwalks are filled with workout inspired pieces while new dedicated brands are creating performance wear that looks every bit as good as it feels. The line between fashion and fitness is increasingly blurred.

In this age of athleisure, there really are no excuses when it comes to your workout wardrobe.

Get inspired below, with our top tips for getting active in style this January.

Great Sneakers Matter

It all starts with the shoes. Your sneakers are going to take the brunt of your workout and this means grabbing a pair that not only look great but that work hard for your feet. You need to find the right combination of balance, support, and versatility to take you from the treadmill to CrossFit and beyond. Your sneakers are also a staple of your workout wardrobe so they need to coordinate with the rest of your activewear collection. These Nike Freerun Sneakers have a beautiful knitted finish and smart technology that allows your feet to breathe. Neutral enough to take you anywhere and pretty enough to get noticed.

Nike Freerun Sneakers

Embrace Texture

Activewear has taken huge leaps forward in recent years in both design and technology. This means new and enhanced materials have added unique texture to your workout wardrobe. Forget those tired old matt black leggings, today you can shine bright in metallics, marls, and smart textiles. Texture is a great way to add depth to a neutral workout look. These Metallic HeatGear® Leggings from Under Armour will leave you feeling like a superhero.

Metallic HeatGear® Leggings

Go Bold and Bright

If you can’t go a little wild in your workout wardrobe, where can you? Let your inner fitness goddess out as you explore pattern and color through activewear. Ok, so we are not all going to dress head to toe in neon brights but a splash of color can really help your outfit pop and leave you feeling empowered for your workout. We love the Adidas by Stella McCartney range for stylish and beautiful workout gear and this Miracle Sculpt Tank Top is one of our favorites.

Miracle Sculpt Tank Top

Stay Supported

You can have the most stylish workout outfit in the world but if it doesn’t offer the right support then it just won’t cut it. It has to balance beauty and functionality. A lot of this function comes from a good sports bra which should leave you feeling completely supported and ready to face any challenge. This H&M Sports Bra is affordable, stylish and provides great control.

H&M Sports Bra

Make sure your fitness regime is fashion forward this winter. Explore Shop It To Me’s range of beautiful activewear today.