5 Work Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

Are you paying enough attention to your office wear? It’s easy to take our work wardrobe for granted, keeping hold of outfits that are long past their expiry date or choosing looks that are safe rather than stylish. If your work wardrobe has been sadly neglected it’s time to start giving it the love it deserves. First, clear the way – lose everything that is in poor repair, doesn’t fit or is just plain ugly. Now you can start to create a capsule work wardrobe that reflects who you really are. Your work wardrobe needs to be hard working, high quality and leave you feeling ready for anything. With just 5 key pieces you can transform your workday look. Read on to discover the 5 work staples you need in your collection.

The Anytime Blazer

A beautiful blazer acts as your work armor. Throw it on over anything to instantly feel put together and ready to face any challenge. For a blazer that will really go the distance, you need to choose a neutral color palette – black or navy are great here – opt for clean lines and gorgeous tailoring. Quality should be top of your wish list and it is worth investing in a jacket that will look great after more than a few trips to the dry cleaner. This St. John 'Santana' blazer in black with embellished buttons adds vintage appeal to a classic work look.

St. John Embellished Santana Blazer

The Perfect Work Trouser

Having a strong pair of work trousers in your wardrobe is a must. Trousers are easy to coordinate into different looks and essential for those days when you’re running from meeting to meeting. Pick a shape that works with your unique body proportions. A gently tapering style is a flattering look for most women and creates a clean, lean silhouette. These Theory ‘Thaniel’ trousers are the perfect example of simplicity done well. Wear them with anything and feel amazing.

Theory Thaniel Trowsers

A Winning Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is the unsung hero of your work wardrobe. Chic, effortless and elegant it should always be on your list of office staples. Use bold accessories to switch up the look and pair it with simple hair and makeup for an easy, professional finish. The queen of the wrap dress, is, of course, Diane Von Furstenberg. Choose her DVF 'Jeanne' wrap dress for a classic take on the look.

DVF Wrap Dress

Grab and Go Pumps

You are likely to own more than a few pairs of work shoes but probably find yourself reaching for the same old reliable brogues or courts again and again. A single beautiful pair of courts will see you through most of your time in the office. Again, it pays to choose a neutral palette and to pay a little more for beautifully made shoes that will last. These Valentino 'Tan-Go' Pumps in 'Poudre' are comfortable enough to wear all day and beautiful enough to never be boring.

Valentino Tan Pumps

A Luxe Blouse

A drab, faded cotton blouse can drag your whole work wardrobe down. Instead, lift your look with a blouse in an indulgent fabric or pattern. A great silk blouse is a classic way to inject a little luxury into your workday style. This utterly gorgeous ruffled silk blouse from Stella McCartney could transform your office wardrobe.

Stella McCartney Satin Blouse

You wear your work wardrobe most of the time you are awake. It’s worth taking the time and trouble to wear it well. Invest in key pieces to ensure you are always at the front of the pack when it comes to office fashion.