Packing for Paris

Hello Readers! My name is Hilary and I am an intern for the summer here at Shop It To Me. I will be writing posts periodically, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and getting your thoughts in return!

I’m headed off to Paris for two weeks for some relaxation and retail therapy, and I can’t wait to see who’s wearing what over there. This summer, everyone in the U.S. is buzzing about the gladiator sandals, maxi dresses, and belts. It will be interesting to see what Parisians do with these trends!

Our friends over at the Style and the City (a Parisian Trendsetter!) are always posting pictures of the latest Parisian looks, and here are some of my favorites from their site (

I’m expecting a lot of hats, boots, and leather. I guess these ‘basics’ are a little different from the American-style jeans and t-shirts, but they are a welcome change. What are your thoughts on must-have items for your closet? I can’t live without my scarves!