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How To Choose The Right Trends For You

over 2 years ago

With the approach of a new season, we're starting to see some new trends coming through all our favourites brands as always. But when it comes to fashion trends, how do you choose which ones are for you?

The main trends...

Every season we see new trends coming through and filtering down to the stores. This fall get ready for leopard print and plaid galore (and mixing them both together!), as well as corduroy and blue (again, together if possible!) and OTT crystals on everything, amongst many more.

Not every trend is going to be right for everybody and you don't want to buy into a fashion trend just because you've seen it in a magazine. So, how do you choose which trends are for you? Here are just a few of my top tips for finding the right ones for you from over 10 years in the industry.

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Try On Everything You Like.... and even things you might not!

Sounds simple, but just try EVERYTHING that speaks to you. You really might surprise yourself and end up loving something you never thought you would wear.

For example, so far this season I didn't think I was going to enjoy the plaid trend. I thought it was old-hat and not something I wanted to revisit after my school days. I also thought that, although I LOVE a nod to Clueless with a little yellow plaid mini skirt, I wouldn't enjoy a proper "grown-up" plaid piece.


I had a try-on session and ended up trying and loving a red plaid blazer. It's pretty bold and I kind of tried it on for fun, but once it was on I realised it was pretty damn chic and I suddenly thought of about 3 or 4 outfits I could easily pair it with.

A silly little anecdote for you there but none-the-less -> proof to try and not judge until you've given the trends a go!

Get Pinteresting...

If you feel like you're in a little bit of a style rut and you want to add some new trend pieces to your wardrobe, great! But first, get on Pinterest (if you don't have it already, it's so easy, I promise) and start to collate together images of women or items that you love. This will start to pull together what kind of style you have and like and where you want to go with your closet.

Sometimes scrolling online or wondering around a store can be really overwhelming and I get that. So, instead start collecting ideas of pieces you think you might like, which will, in turn, transform into a little shopping list for things you want to aim for. Your shopping will be less overwhelming and you can be more specific with the pieces you feel are missing from your wardrobe.

Is snake print a trend you want to try this season??

$95.00 $47.49

Get to grips with your body

Really knowing your body type will immediately help you to decide if a trend is going to work on your shape. No matter how trendy a certain style of dress is, if it doesn't flatter your body type and make you feel fantastic, you probably should switch your search to something that will.

Very quickly, let's look at the main body types... I can do a post all about this if it's of interest, so let me know in the comments if you're keen!

Apple - wider through the middle and slim legs
Suits - Shoulder details and flowing lines, including longline jackets.
Best to avoid - Cropped jackets and tops and waist-cinching accents.

Pear - Wider hips and legs and smaller bust and shoulders
Suits - High-waists and A-lines, as well as statement belts to cinch.
Best to avoid - Drop waists or semi-long line jackets.

Triangle - Broader up top with narrow hips
Suits - Body balancing pieces like palazzo trousers and clean lines up top.
Best to avoid - Anything too OTT up top and super narrow bottoms, i.e pencil skirts.

Straight - Less of a defined waistline
Suits - Detailing! With this shape, rouches and slouchy wraps can add curves at the bust and hips to create more shape.
Best To Avoid - Head to toe tight looks.

Hourglass - Curvy and lucky!!
Suits - Wrap styles and high-waists suit this shape perfectly and accentuate the natural shape.
Best to avoid - Too much fabric, which will make you look bigger than you are without the curves to complement.

The most important thing of all....

Wear what makes you feel GREAT. Wear what you love and whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Trends are great and a great way to constantly evolve your wardrobe so you don't get stuck in a style rut. However, you also have your own personal style, even if you don't know it yet!! So take the time to work out what that is and you'll never look back.

Until next time!!

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