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Best Jeans EVER Awards

over 2 years ago

Ok, so it's pretty hard to select THE best pair of jeans. Jeans serve us in so many ways from running to the shop for milk on a Sunday morning to hitting the club with the girls - it's different jeans for different jobs at different budgets for different shapes. So, here are my awards for the best jeans RN... Everyone's on the hunt for a different reason, so simply scroll to suit!

Best Budget Pick

And the winner is..... Old Navy!

Budget jeans can start from as little as $9.99. When you're buying a pair of full-length, real denim jeans for that price, something has surely got to give, right? So, what do we expect from our budget jeans?
- Fit? Sure, but it's bound to have lots of stretch, so knees are likely to stretch out and the waistband is likely to pull down when sat etc.
- Detailing? Do we care about added detail? Do we expect luxe finishes on budget jeans?

There are a few things to consider. However, when the likes of celeb elite Kate Bosworth is seen rocking Old Navy on multiple occasions, as well as Blake Lively and more... we've got to stand up and listen.

These are classic skinnies, at a great price and they even won a competition with BuzzFeed for the best budget jeans. Worth a try? I think so.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Super-Skinny Ankle Jeans for Women
Mid-Rise Super-Skinny Ankle Jeans for Women

Best Designer Pick

And the winner is....... Versace!

So, the thought behind this pick is, if you're going to spend all the $$$, don't you want to shout out about the brand a bit? Well, Versace wants you to and today, so do I.

I love the shape of these, they remind me of a chic, tailored trouser and you could, for sure, wear these with pointed pump heels and a white shirt and look PERF at the office.


Best Black Skinny Pick

And the winner is....J Brand!

J Brand is elite at designing classic jeans and when it comes to your every day, every one of us has them, black skinnies they really hit the mark.

These are super skinny, which means they support you and keep their fit perfectly, which is helped by the thick, yet stretchy denim they use. AND, they're defined as the new "seriously black", which I love. They say this denim is "fade resistant" and from the reviews that I've researched, it seems legit.

J Brand Super Skinny Jeans (Seriously Black)
Super Skinny Jeans (Seriously Black)

Best White Skinny Pick

And the winner is.... Frame!

The Frame brand is a male duo who seriously know good women's jeans. I picked Frame for the white look because when it comes to white jeans, quality is everything. Whilst still having stretch and being comfortable for all day wear, white jeans need to have a certain guarantee of thickness to ensure the block white colour without a hint of skin tone showing through, These jeans nail it.

They're classically skinny and could be paired with anything from strappy sandals to flat mules or even ankle boots. Exactly what you want from a pair of white jeans because let's be honest, we don't buy them in bulk.


Best Versatile Pick

And the winner is....GRLFRND

Ok, so versatile, in my eyes means you can wear them with sneakers and a tee, strappy sandals and a crop top, a shirt and mules, ankle boots and a leather, etc. They go with EVERYTHING.

These GRLFRND jeans are on-trend; a little bit of distressed, light wash, relaxed fit. BUT, they are also classically made and cut to pair with everything you need. They are slightly tailored to sit beautifully over ankle boots but the perfect length for heels or sneaks and they're high-waisted enough to be flattering AF but not too much to seem extreme or prohibit you wearing with certain pieces.

If these aren't the perfect pair of blue jeans, they must be damn close.

GRLFRND Karolina High-Rise Skinny Jean
Karolina High-Rise Skinny Jean

Best Sunday Pick

And the winner is.... Levi's

As if I wouldn't have a classic pair of 501's in here. These have got to be the perfect Sunday jeans. Team them with a graphic tee and sneakers to make a quick nip to the store or around the block with the dog or dress them up a little with flat mules and a plaid blazer and you've got casually stylish brunch attire in one.

These are my official Sunday jeans. We all need 'em.

Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans
501 Skinny Jeans

I would LOVE to know your favourite denim brands for whatever reason you have! Let me know in the comments below and remember to tell me if you're looking for something specific and I can help!

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