An iconic footwear brand and household name made famous by Oprah Winfrey and teenage high-school girls worldwide, Ugg continues to reign supreme in the cozy footwear department.

Ugg is the mastermind behind the instantly recognizable sheepskin boot; and this popular shearling lined bootie has evolved into fluffy slingback open-toed sandals, shearling lined rubber rain boots, cute sneakers, and a dizzying array of other ultra popular shoe styles that we will explore here in this stylish Ugg Shoes Buying Guide.

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The bootie is the brand's most popular shoe. We'll get to the other famous Ugg styles next!

Ugg Classic II Short Boots

Easily the most recognizable Ugg boot is the brand's classic short boots. These booties are great to wear over leggings or with skirts and dresses and they will keep you warm in even freezing conditions.

Fun fact: every pair of Uggs comes in at least 1 different color or variation. These classic short boots come in an array of solid colors, bright fun seasonal colors, covered in sequins, as well as other variations, so there's definitely something for everyone.

Ugg Bailey Bow II Boots

How cute are these Ugg bow boots? Featuring a satin double bow detail on the back, Ugg's bailey booties are meant to be shown off, and they are a really popular take on the classic Ugg style.

Ugg Sundance II Revival Tall Boot

We love the chic boldness of the sundance revival tall boot. This tall bootie is street chic and we love wearing these black shearling boots with black leggings and an all black ensemble.

Ugg Bailey Button Triplet II Boot

Just looking at these Ugg bailey button triplet boots makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. These ultra cozy button boots look adorable with denim skirts.

Ugg Classic Mini II Leopard Boots

Like most of Uggs boot styles, these classic mini leopard booties come in solid options, as well as other leopard options, graffiti styles, sequin embellished options, and a few others.

We love them all, but we especially favor these classic mini leopard booties, which are basically the classic mini's with a twist.

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini

Just when we thought our favorite Ugg boots couldn't get any shorter— they did. Uggs ultra mini's are micro-sized booties that have been seen on the feet of countless celebrities and supermodels including Joan Smalls and Emily Ratajkowski.

If you want even more warmth, try any pair of cute Ugg socks.

Here are some more popular Ugg styles for eye candy. Again, note that Ugg likes variety, so each of the below styles also come in at least 1 other color or variation. Bet you can't pick a favorite!

Ugg Coquette Slipper

This fuzzy pink slipper is definitely coquettish! Super feminine and flirty, Ugg's wild berry pink coquette backless slipper is the perfect house slipper to rock year round.

Ugg Tasman Slipper

Another Ugg fan-favorite is the super popular tasman slipper, featuring embroidered trim and of course the brand's signature shearling interior. These Uggs look great with black slacks.

Ugg Oh Yeah Slipper

An Instagrammer favorite, Ugg's Oh Yeah open toed slippers are ultra trendy. Featuring a branded slingback, these Ugg slippers are so comfortable and plush, you'll forget that you have them on.

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slipper

Another Ugg slipper with a ton of variations is the Fluff Yeah slipper. This slipper comes in a bunch of different colorways and we love them all.

Why stop at 1 pair when you can have 2? We are definitely guilty of collecting Uggs, and we know we can't be the only ones with a shoe fetish! Check out the whole 'yeah' line here.

Ugg Shaye Rain Boot

Ugg isn't only about the fluff! These chic shaye rubber rain boots will keep you dry and warm! These rain boots are totally waterproof and they have a fuzzy shearling footbed to keep your feet comfortable.

Ugg Chayze Sneakers

And last but not least on Shop It To Me's Ugg Buying Guide are the brand's chayze sneakers. A sleek slip-on style, these bicolored platform sneakers match many outfits and are a nice update to the traditional laced-up sneaker.

If you're craving other Ugg sneakers, click here!

Caring For Ugg Boots

Ugg's website has a special page dedicated to cleaning and caring for your Uggs. There you can purchase Ugg protector, Ugg cleaner & conditioner, and Ugg shoe renew to keep your Uggs in great shape and to make them last longer.

Ugg Sizing Tip

Ugg boots generally run 1/2 a size big. If you are in between sizes, size down.


You got questions, we got answers!

Are Uggs waterproof?

Suede and shearling Ugg boots are not waterproof and they are not made for rain or snow. If you're looking for a waterproof Ugg boot, please choose one of the brand's rubber rain boot styles.

What are Uggs made of?

Ugg boots are made from sheepskin aka the hide of the sheep. Ugg boots are not vegan.

Are Uggs sustainable?

The Ugg brand cares about responsible sourcing and animal welfare, as well as product traceability. Besides these efforts to do better, Ugg also cares about ethics, including worker's healthy and safety, factory conditions, and as a part of the CA Transparency Act, Ugg makes efforts to help stop human trafficking and slavery from their supply chains.

Where can I buy Uggs?

You can buy Ugg boots directly from their company website or you can use Shop It To Me, which is a designer sale website where we found all of our Ugg styles viewed above.

The Ultimate Ugg Shoes Buying Guide

Congratulations on making it to the end of our Ultimate Ugg Buying Guide!

Ugg shoes are not only super stylish, they are ultra warm and comfy. It doesn't matter the season, you can enjoy Ugg shoes at any time of the year.

Uggs make great gifts for many occasions, and it's a brand that we always revert back to because of their high quality and continuous improvements in styles and buying options.

Ohh, and don't be afraid to get them dirty! Ugg boots develop a lovely patina the more they are worn, and some people actually prefer this worn-in look vs the fresh out of the box look. Uggs are meant to be worn and loved so don't freak out if you can't get them as "clean" and you think they "should" be!