Maaji Fairy Sarong Maaji Fairy Sarong
Maaji Fairy Sarong

Maaji Maaji Fairy Sarong | Swimwear


Available in size(s)
XS, S, M, L, and XL
simly white

88% recycled polyamide 12% spandex. Made in Colombia. Hand wash. Side tie detail. Measures approx 51.5 W x 14 H. MAAJ-WQ48. 2003CPR501. Sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra began pursuing their dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness. The Maaji signature is built upon the unexpected mixture of prints, textures, cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweet, ubiquitous presence of details. The result: a one of a kind product, a real piece of art.

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