So it looks like a major sartorial trend for 2022 is circa 2002 fashion trends. Yes, read that again.

Y2K fashion, fashion from years 2000 to roughly 2004, is what fashion in 2022 is looking like at this very minute— and we are so here for it.

Think outfit trends like brighter colors, thin wispy fabric, cropped tops, lower rise bottoms, and butterfly and animal print. It sounds like a hot mess, but this time around it's actually much more refined and flattering.

Top fashion app, (the one with the best sale alerts), Shop It To Me, will now introduce you to this year's versions of what Y2K inspired outfits should look like.

Marques Almeida has always had a strong Y2K aesthetic, so it makes sense that this brand is featured multiple times in our Y2K inspired outfits blog post.

A silk spaghetti strap cami is definitely a 2000's throwback. This time around, it's way more luxe looking.

Embellished jeans were a huge part of the early aughts and these crystal emblazoned J Brand jeans are a fresh new take on the Y2K trend.

Any year is a good year for Christian Louboutin shoes, and this candy pink pair of red bottom booties is the ultimate Y2K heel choice for the elevated modern woman.

Animal print and bright colors are definite Y2K staples, so this Marques Almeida tight fitting tee nails the 00's trend without being tacky. The added length on the sleeve and hemline is so flattering. Shop It To Me suggests tucking this into any pair of blue denim.

Anything with a 'halter top' before its name screams early 2000's, and in a good way of course! Halter tops have always been, and always will be, Sex And The City chic.

A fun colored aviator is not only a favorite pastime fashion trend, but it should also be a staple to have on rotation in your closet, because they truly never go out of style.

This sueded sweetheart flowy top by Jonathan Simkhai is a perfect Y2K inspired outfit trend.

Again, Jonathan Simkhai knows how to make early 2000's fashion modern again with its lime green cut-out collared maxi dress.

Because Hailey Bieber has been dressing heavy on the Y2K side recently, check out our fashion article on How To Dress Like Hailey Bieber for even more 2000's outfit inspo.

Again, a halter top dress is a yes. Especially when it's by French brand IRO. Sleek and sexy for the Y2K win.

Anything faux fur is another major Y2K fashion home run, and in 2022 cropped faux fur cardigans are making a stylish comeback, like this cable-knit version by Aqua.

Sheer mesh tops were totally 2000's material, and they are also being spotted everywhere in 2022. Our favorite Y2K inspired brand Marques Almeida creates this chic sheer turtleneck that literally pairs with anything.

Wear the above Marques Almeida top with this green tie dye denim knee length skirt.

Last but definitely not least on Shop It To Me's Y2K inspired trend's blog post are these funky fresh and absolutely in your face, knowing no bounds or year, abstract Fendi booties. Notice the "F" heel?

Y2K Your Way

See how fun Y2K dressing can be? We love a good feeling of nostalgia, especially if we can take that feeling and wear it with us.

You can Y2K in small doses, or up the volume and do full head-to-toe 2000's vibes.

While we love a good monochromatic look, we were getting kind of bored of the same old sleek and chic in neutral tones. Try doing monochromatic dressing but with fun colors instead of earthy tones, like pink, purple, or greens to stand out from the crowd.

Most of all, make sure the fit is flattering and you love the color. Confidence is the best look!