On Sunday I attended the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show, and boy does designer Yohji Yamamoto know how to entertain a crowd! Rather than showing in the tents at Braynt Park, the collection was presented in the enormous Park Avenue Armory, where Simon & Garfunkel tunes blasted to a full on laser show, as the models strutted their stuff down the runway. Here are a few of my favorite looks from his Fall/Winter line:

I was immediately smitten with the high, quaffed ponytails and teal eyeshadow the female models were rocking. And unique detailing on menswear, including one-shoulder suspenders, added a very special touch to the casual, sporty designs. In true Yohji fashion the looks were loose fitted and athletic, but with an added military feel.

The finale included the distribution of red roses to select front-row attendees in honor of Valentine’s Day, followed by a mock fight between Yohji and two of the models (of course the girl won!). The crowd was charmed and it was a fun, lighthearted finish to an impressive show.

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*images via WWD