Women’s Tailoring: How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Suit

Women’s tailoring has never been more on-trend. Whether it’s your everyday go-to office look or a vibe that you’ve been meaning to try for the last season or two, women’s suits are big and when it comes to choosing the right one, it’s all about the fit. Office dressing no longer has to mean drab, boring or straight-laced. The latest female suits are stylish, chic and effortlessly cool and with a whole new perspective on women’s tailoring, they’re now ultra-versatile too.

Here, we take a look at some of the styles and silhouettes you can choose from when searching for the perfect suit, which fabrics and colors you should be looking out for, and how to style it to make it work for you. Ever thought you can’t wear a stylish women’s suit? Let us change your mind.

Women’s Suit Styles & Fits

There are so many styles and fits to choose from when it comes to women’s trouser suits, so if you’ve ever tried the look and hated it, it’s always worth a second glance.

Classic Slimline

This is a classic silhouette with full-length sleeves and neat, fitted shoulders. Lapels are sleek and slim and the suit jacket hits around the hip, which is flattering for almost every body type.


Cropped styles can sometimes be seen as dated but styled correctly and they could be the perfect choice for your shape. Cropped suit jackets often finish at the waistline so they need to be paired with high-waist trousers to avoid any sort of gap.


A longer length than classic jacket styles, a double-breasted blazer has a wide, over-lapping front, usually with six buttons.


A suit jacket with a slightly more feminine silhouette is a belted or wrap jacket. With an integrated belt, these styles tie at the waist, creating more of an hourglass shape, usually falling to just below the hip.


It’s a look that was huge last year and will continue to be embraced by street style everywhere. Oversized, boyfriend-fit tailoring is a statement and ultra-modern way to rock a women’s suit.

You can find out how best to shop oversized suits from Vogue, but the key tips are accessorizing simply so all focus is on the suit and cinch at the waist with a belt bag or logo belt if you prefer a little more definition. This silhouette is all about the oversized shoulders, opting for serious ‘80s vibes with a contemporary twist.

How Should a Women’s Blazer Fit?

Need a few fit tips for choosing a beautifully fitting, tailored blazer?

·     Choose based on your body type.

·     Seams should sit neatly on the edge of your shoulder (except for oversized, where they can extend over slightly).

·     Get the right fit across the back and have alterations done if necessary on the shoulder and sleeve.

·     The perfect sleeve hits just below the wrist bone.

It’s all about finding the shape that suits your body type. If you’re not sure where you sit when it comes to shape, take a look at our dressing for your body shape blog for a little help.

Tailoring Tips for Affordable Suits

Sometimes a more affordable suit might not fit perfectly but the quality of fabric and general style catches your eye. There are a few fairly simple tailoring tips you can have done with a seamstress to bring your new affordable suit up to scratch.

·     Remove or exchange the shoulder pads for a different size and adjust the fit of the shoulder seam for that perfectly polished, tailored look.

·     Have the sleeve slimmed, which elongates the silhouette and makes the jacket look more expensive.

·     Add subtle darts to the waistline at the back or sides of the jacket for a touch more shape.

Let’s Talk About Women’s Suit Fabrics

Fabrics will make an impact on the price point when you’re shopping for suits, so it’s worth considering the pros and cons of the fabric you opt for. Wool is a classic suit fabric and high-quality wool will last season after season. A slightly more casual and often less expensive option for wool would be either polyester or cotton. Polyester suits can create the look but often don’t last as long and are known for cons, such as creasing.

More luxury brands will offer women’s suits in silk or even cashmere, which provide a sumptuously soft and beautiful looking finish. Linen is always a classic choice for summer, but for an office look, linen can again be problematic when it comes to creasing.

When you’re looking at fabrics, you’ll also need to consider the color you want. Black, grey and navy are classic tones that always look stylish. However, it’s also worth considering a colorful statement suit, which can be much more versatile than you think, depending on how you decide to style your look. A statement suit, also known as a power suit, is a bold choice that always pays off when done right.

Where to Buy an Affordable Women’s Suit?

Although many affordable high street brands from H&M to J.Crew design suits throughout each of their collections, when it comes to choosing the perfect suit with the perfect fit, high end, designer labels often take the edge on their high street counterparts.

Never thought you could buy a designer suit?

Shop It To Me is bursting with designer sale deals and dropped prices on classic styles just like suits, which is where you can really take advantage of the platform. The right suit will never go out of style, so opt for brands like Proenza Schouler and Helmut Lang for the sort of quality that lasts forever. One of the best things about Shop It To Me is the price alerts. Found the perfect suit but it’s a little out of budget? Add it to your favorites and you’ll get an email when the price drops. Easy.

How to Style a Women’s Trouser Suit

Trousers suits for women are no longer workwear only attire. Whether you love it with heels and a smart tote bag or prefer a much more casual look, let’s take a look at 3 ways to style a suit that could see you getting much more wear out of your trouser suit than you ever thought possible.

3 Ways to Style Your (Business) Suit

·     Chic and Stylish Workwear

If you’re bored of your workwear wardrobe, why not invest in a contemporary trouser suit that is sure to command attention in the office and beyond. Mix up your look and opt for a statement shirt instead of simple white. Choose a bold print, stripes or even animal print to inject just a touch of your personal style into an overtly professional outfit.

If shirts and blouses aren’t your bag, why not try adding a chic light-weight knit to your look by choosing either a simple crew neck or a roll neck sweater.

Whether you opt for wide-leg or tapered, ankle-length trousers will dictate shoe choices. For the office, it’s safe to stick with a classic pointed pump and if you hate to wear heels all day, team your suit with a pair of contemporary lace-up brogues.

·     Sultry Date Night Vibes

Date night is the perfect excuse to style your trouser suit with a little-added sex appeal. Whether you’ve opted for a double-breasted or wrap blazer, all shapes can be styled to suit your date night look with just the right accessories.

Lace equals date night romance so switch out a cami or shirt and simply opt for a lace bralette underneath your blazer jacket. If you dare, opt for nothing at all and just make sure you have a little lingerie tape to keep your jacket in just the right position.

This look requires seriously high, ultra-sexy stiletto sandals and a mini clutch, just enough for your red lipstick. With such a sleek and simple look, go wild on the earrings and choose something sparkling and statement.

·     Ultra-Casual Suit Style

If you’ve never styled your trouser suit in a casual way for a weekend brunch or a girly shopping trip, you need to head on over to Pinterest and start gathering some inspiration because this look is huge right now. It’s got the perfect balance of power dressing and laid-back effortlessness that not many fashion looks are capable of creating.

Working beautifully with printed suits, grey checks, and bright colors, but also with whichever is your favorite and best fitting suit, try kicking off the heels and adding a bright white sneaker. You’ll immediately feel the difference in vibe.

Underneath, a simple slogan or graphic t-shirt is the perfect partner, layered with some fine jewelry and a hoop earring. To really hit the trend, add a waisted fanny pack over your fastened blazer, but if that’s a little too much, don’t worry, the look works great without too.

The versatility of suits means that all of the above three outfits can be created using the exact same suit with just the switch up of the accessories and top. Wearing higher quality pieces that really last and that you can enjoy time and time again make shopping designer sales on Shop It To Me even more of a must-do this season.

How to Wear a Women’s Suit Jacket with Jeans

To finish, we know lots of stylish ladies that would love to get more use of out of their suits. So, why not team them up with your favorite denim and create a smart-casual look in seconds that gives your suit jacket a whole new vibe.

·     Wear your blazer open with skinny jeans and heels for a dinner look with just a touch of formality.

·     Wear an oversized blazer paired with straight leg or mom jeans for an ultra on-trend look.

·     Opt for skinny jeans and a hoodie layered with a blazer on top for a casual day look with a little structure.

·     Pair a long line blazer over a high-waist denim mini skirt and add ankle boots and a statement logo belt.

Choosing the perfect women’s suit can seem like a minefield. However, once you’ve started to narrow down your shapes and silhouettes, as well as fabrics, you’ll find it easier to make your selections. Shop the biggest brands in fashion on Shop It To Me to find tailored women’s suits that you’ll wear season after season.