40isthenewfabulousWe have enough to worry about during the holidays – mark the drama accompanying an accidental wine spill at a party off your list! Thanks to Jennifer, writer of 40 Is The New Fabulous, you’ll now know how to handle the not-so-desirable situation with grace. Be sure to check out her blog filled with coveted fashion, beauty secrets, health and fitness tips, and financial advice.

You can cry over spilled milk, but when it comes to the spillage of red wine, try to avoid making a scene. ‘Tis the season of red wine and favorite party dresses and they don’t always mingle nicely together. It’s easy to imagine knocking over a glass or getting bumped, but the resulting stain can be difficult to remove unless you act quickly.

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For sure, spilling wine on someone or having wine spilled on you can be a horrifying. Trust me, I’ve been through both. But at a holiday party, where balancing a plate full of food, a glass of wine and shaking hands often happens all at once, you should gracefully handle the situation and keep the party going.

If you are the unfortunate recipient, don’t fret. You can always remove it, but you need to act fast. Find a waiter and ask for seltzer. Blot the stain with a white napkin or paper towel, rinse with warm water and blot again. There might be a tiny residue left, but go to your dry cleaner first thing in the morning to finish the job.

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If you are the spiller, apologize and assist. Offer to dry clean the garment. Buy a round of drinks or a dessert. Recently I found myself at a bar with friends and I tipped the bottle, causing the wine to spill all over someone’s shirt. Mortified, I apologized and bought the whole table a round of whatever drinks they wanted. They were extremely appreciative and continued on with their night.

If you are having the party, it’s a great idea to stock up on spill cleaners and put them in an accessible place. I always make sure to have a bottle of seltzer and Shout wipes for such occasions so my friends can make a quick dash to the bathroom and avoid making a scene.

*photos courtesy of Beauty Chat Blog and eHow.