Gods_Favorite_Shoe_Logo*You have to know the rules before you can break them. There are definitely some rules in fashion that we all know, but do they always apply? Combining black and blue has been taboo, but now we’re seeing more black and blue combinations in fashion. Reiko from God’s Favorite Shoes is here to talk about how sometimes, rules need not apply, instead your personality. Be sure to check out her personal style blog about a southern girl with very limited funds but a whole lot of attitude and a good sense of humor. *

Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Never mix black and brown. Who are these people who made up these rules anyway?

Let’s talk about some of these rules.

  1. Never wear white after Labor Day: Who made this rule up? Someone who didn’t look good in white? A nurse? A ghost? What will happen if you do wear white after Labor Day? Will you be reported to the No White After Labor Day Committee? Will you be shunned? It is totally acceptable to wear white whenever you please. I am not saying I love white shoes but I am saying that if you just happen to have found a beautiful pair of buttery leather, white Paul Smith shoes with a bow and the most exquisite of heels at a thrift shop like I did…then rock them!

Paul _Smith_Heels

  1. ***Never mix stripes with plaids or other graphics:***I am sure whoever made this rule spent a little time in the penitentiary. Stripes with polka dots, plaids with stripes…it all works when done right. I will say that there is an “art” to mixing patterns. Mixing patterns add interest to a look. Don’t you want to look interesting sometimes?


  1. ***Black is always slimming:***Okay. I’m guilty of this one, even though it’s not entirely true. The truth is that anything can be slimming if you make friends with a good tailor or seamstress. I have a personal relationship with my tailor. Some people are close to their children…I prefer to be close with a woman who can whip me up a dress made out of gum wrappers. Even a white suit (yes, after Labor Day) can be slimming if it is properly fitted.


Now, go forth and break a rule or two. Oh wait!  Go ahead and follow the rule about wearing clean undergarments. That’s a rule we can all appreciate.