First thing's first, there are NO rules ... so you can literally wear red lipstick with WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT .. ROCK IT GIRL .. but for the sake of convenience and for those of you who may need some makeup inspo .. here's our take on "What To Wear With Red Lipstick"


It should come as no surprise that you can wear red lipstick with ANY neutral color. Yepp, that means blue, brown, gray, black, white, beige, tan, and similar shades. Especially when you wear a monochromatic outfit, a red lip really pops and brings a certain je nais se quois to your outfit that you didn't even know was missing.

Here are some neutral options that look great with a red lip.

At Shop It To Me we love navy mixed with black. So go ahead, wear this navy silk cami with black pants and a black blazer. Or rock this blue cami with blue jeans and a black blazer.

You can never go wrong wearing a simple blazer dress. Rock this Camila Coelho nude dress with either white tennis sneakers, heels, or boots, and of course, a red lip.

What's more classic than the little black dress? The red lip. Combine them for a power combo.


Monochromatic things just work. So it's no surprise that a red lip looks great with a red anything else.

RtA always does a good blazer and this time it's slightly oversized, so go ahead and cinch the blazer at the waist with a belt for added effect.

Red mixed with leopard print is also another bold combo that pairs fantastically with a bright red juicy lip.


We're sure that you've seen a red lip paired with a polka dot garment, but a visual refresher always helps.

French brand Iro oozes effortlessly flirty vibes, and that's exactly what this ruffled polka dot dress is giving off. Polka dots with a swipe of red across the lips is a very obvious Parisian look, and Iro, being a Parisian brand, nailed it with this mini dress.

Another dress covered in polka dots is Re/Done's long sleeve black and red dress. It's done with an 80's fit, but slightly updated. With Re/Done, everything is new again.


An unlikely pairing, Shop It To Me loves to push the fashion boundaries in its fashion blog, and we say neon X a red lip = YES

Staud's bright neon blue puff sleeved top has a deep v neck, so instead of wearing jewelry around your décolletage, go bare, but do add a big red over-lined lip. (but do the over-lining in a discreet way, more on this later).

Orange and red just mix well together. We'd style this Helmut Lang bright neon orange cardigan zipped all the way up with skinny cropped black trousers, or unzipped with a black mini skirt and a low-cut black blouse underneath, and of course we'd add Christian Louboutin heels— you know for the added extra hint of red.

Make Sure To Color Within The Lines

Coloring within the lines only means to paint your lips red within your lip liner, you can either under or over line your lips— your choice. But once they are lined, which is highly recommended when wearing red lipstick, then you can begin to carefully apply your lipstick!

Here are some of our favorite red lipsticks, red lip liners, and red glosses to top off your 'what to wear with red lipstick' outfit.

Charlotte Tilbury's lip cheat lip liner is one of the best lip liners out there right now. When lining your lips, especially with over-lining, only over-line the top tips and top of your lips, not the sides where your lips meet. This way, it will look way more natural.

Matte lipstick is easy to apply and it doesn't bleed. Just make sure that your lips are exfoliated first, and then apply a light layer of chapstick or balm before applying any liner or color. YSL beauty is a really great addition to any makeup bag.

The last step to a super juicy red lip is gloss!!! Bobbi Brown is great for glosses, so whichever tone you choose you can't go wrong.

Top designer fashion App, Shop It To Me, now does beauty, so get prepared to score some deals on your favorite beauty brands.

Red Lipstick Outfits Are Easy

It's actually not that hard to rock a red lip. You just need to find the right red color to suit your look best. Sometimes that means mixing colors, or using different hues of reds with different outfits/bronzers/blushes.

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Even if you are home in your pajamas right now, who isn't? Practice getting that perfect red lip and go into your closet and start trying on some outfits! You'll be surprised at how good it makes you feel!

Until next time, ciao stylish fashionistas!