I'm just gonna wear black jeans— but I don't know what top to wear?

We've gotten this question a lot recently, and while the answer is probably sitting in your closet already, let's pretend it's not. Any excuse to go shopping right?

Online shopping is and always will be our favorite kind of shopping, so of course all of our below picks were found using sale shopping tool Shop It To Me.

(Shop It To Me is really good for finding designer clothing on sale and keeping your favorites organized!)

So let's get down to business and discuss how to style black jeans. . . .

Black Jean Outfit Inspo

March 20th was the first day of Spring in the States, so for now we see ourselves wearing comfy cotton tanks underneath cute cardigans and blazers to keep any chills away, all while of course donning a super chic pair of black denim of your choice.

We're big believers in having multiples of denim in your closet, meaning that 5 pairs of black jeans are okay because some are cropped, skinny, distressed, wide legged, etc.  

Here are a bunch of our favorite cotton tank tops to wear with black jeans and to layer underneath the blazers and cardigans that we are about to show you next!

Tops To Wear With Black Jeans

When stressing over the thought of how to style black jeans, refer back to this blog post because the below cardigans and cropped blazers are incredible black denim outfit inspo.

And while these babies may sell out fast, there's always more where that came from and the sentiment behind the item stays the same— these cardigans and blazers look dope with black jeans and with the above-mentioned luxury tank tops.

Bodysuits To Wear With Jeans

Even if you're not normally one to ever wear a bodysuit— just hear us out on this one.

Not all bodysuits are tacky, skin tight, nor dressy. There are plenty of chic bodysuits that are still casual, comfortable, and that pair excellent with all types of jeans.

You can absolutely wear bodysuits with baggy jeans and they are actually easier to wear with wide leg denim and slouchy jeans than a tee shirt in this case.

The below chic bodysuits that we are about to show you look fabulous with all types of black denim, and they pair especially well with black jean shorts or black denim skirts. We used to be perplexed as to what to wear with our favorite baggy denim jeans and oversized jean shorts, but now that we know where to find cute bodysuits, they are instantly our new go-tos when styling our black denim outfits.

It's also a good idea to throw on a blazer (or cardigan) over any bodysuit to amp up the outfit even more.

Amping up doesn't always mean dressing up, it just means adding to the outfit's character!

The Best Tops To Go With Black Jeans

Black denim should be a staple in your closet, so if you notice that your wardrobe is lacking in the black jeans department— do take a peek here to see what you're missing out on!

If you promised yourself you would dress up more in 2021 and save your leggings solely for workout activities, investing in a few pairs of great denim is a fabulous idea and a good investment that you will have in your closet for years to come.

We love to edit and downsize our closets, donate our old clothing, and hit the refresh button when things aren't sparking enough joy. Try it with your denim and then start thinking of ways to style your black denim outfits so that you can quickly get dressed and go!

Happy Shopping!