Vacations are intended to be relaxing, but sometimes planning, packing, and the dreaded airport can put a damper on your trip. ModlyChic is here to make your vacation the well deserved getaway it is intended to be with some great tips on what to pack and how to dress for your voyage. Her blog not only focuses on looking stylish, but also on dressing in a smart, practical way that will make you feel great about yourself.

It’s the summertime and we’re already looking forward to those few precious days of vacation. Whether you’re headed to Europe or staying in the States, deciding what to pack and travel in is key to a successful trip. To make the trip a little less stressful, here are my suggestions for what to wear to the airport and what to put in your carry on.

Your airport attire should be a mix between comfortable and chic. A pair of boyfriend jeans, an embellished t-shirt and cute flats is a great option. Or maybe a jersey skirt, layered tank tops and a scarf. Don’t forget that sometimes the plane is chillier than we would prefer so throwing an extra sweater or scarf you can wear as a wrap in your bag is usually a good idea.

For your bag, you don’t want to overload it and then be forced to lug it around the entire airport. It’s no fun heaving that thing on to your shoulder every time you want a cup of coffee or need to use the bathroom while you are waiting to board your plane.

Consider taking only your essentials. Pack a small makeup bag, don’t forget for security it needs to be a clear bag. Take your powder foundation, mascara, lip gloss, hand cream and a mini perfume sample. These items will ensure that you look fresh when you arrive to your final destination but aren’t extremely bulky. Blotting pads are a great addition as well.

Beyond makeup don’t forget some reading material; a good book or favorite magazine can help fill the hours of waiting. So can your mp3 player. Gum to avoid your ears from popping and to give you fresh breath (after all you never know who might be sitting next to you.)

And of course don’t forget your ID/passport and credit card. Happy travels!