hellokelliTrendsetter Thursday continues! After you’ve splashed around in the pool for awhile, it’s time to move on with the rest of your day, and often there’s little time to change. Make the swimsuit-to-lunch transition easy and stylish with these lovely cover up options from our Trendsetter Hello Kelli. We love her blog for the unique and affordable pieces she finds — and great giveaways, too!

It is always good to have a couple go-to outfits in your wardrobe for swimsuit cover-ups.  These outfits should pair well with your favorite swimsuits so that you can easily go straight from the beach to a shopping trip or a casual meal out without worrying about running inside to change.  Keep in mind the style of swimsuit you are wearing when picking a cover-up…not all styles go with all swimsuits.  Styles like a bandeau top or a skirted bottom will have special requirements.

Even if you are an adult and never shop at “teen” stores, buying swimsuit cover-ups at places like Old Navy and American Eagle Outfitters is a great choice because they have a very complete selection of affordable options.  If you are older than 16, you just might have to put up with the loud music to take advantage of the low prices…or order online!  All of these pieces pair well with a colorful pair of rubber flip-flops and a floppy sun hat to cover up that beach hair!

Here are my favorite swimsuit cover-ups for this summer:


Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Knit Gauze Jumper $38

I am a huge fan of the onesie/romper/jumper as a beach cover-up.  It might seem a little strange, but don’t knock it until you try it!  This style would look super cute with a patterned swimsuit poking out the top and it’s so easy to throw on just one piece.


Old Navy Cross-Front Jersey Dress $15

This soft jersey short spaghetti strap dress is perfect over a swimsuit.  It comes in 12 different colors, and at $15 you might as well get one to match every swimsuit you own!  Make sure not to wear this with a bandeau style top…it won’t fit well with the cross-front.


Old Navy Metallic-Gauze Swim Cover-Up $24.50

The lightweight tunic with side slits is a very sexy option.  If you plan on wearing this out straight from the beach, just make sure that the length isn’t too scandalously short.  This probably wouldn’t pair well with a skirted bottom because it would flare out beneath the tunic and add volume to your hips.


AE Denim Tuxedo Bermuda Shorts $39.50


AE Slim Striped Camping Shirt $34.50

If you’re wearing a bikini, the denim bermuda shorts and button-up shirt allows you the option of pairing just a bikini top with shorts until you need to throw on the extra layer.  The bermuda shorts are classier than super short cut-offs, so they would be great for wearing around town after the beach.  I love this soft tissue cotton button-up with rolled up sleeves in a thin striped pattern.