What to Wear for A Pool Party

It’s officially the summer season so many of us will be invited to or throwing pool parties over the next couple of months. Whether you’re having a get together in your backyard (if you’re lucky enough to have your own pool), you’re heading off on vacay, or just hanging out at a friend’s house, pool parties are fun, glam and a great chance to take your swimwear game to the next level!

Today we thought we’d give you a little inspo into some pool party outfit ideas to keep you away from your sundress from last year and get you feeling a little more EXTRA.

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Now, let’s get back to dressing for your next pool party…

There are a few great style tips for pool party outfits, so here’s the best from our full-time stylists, offering up ideas to make sure you’re feeling your very best poolside.

Get the Swimwear Right

When we’re talking about dressing up for a pool party it’s always important to remember that there is a very close line between swimwear by the pool and a regular party outfit.

Where you don’t want to look like you’re headed to the Olympics, you also need to hold onto the pool theme and actually wear swimwear, it’s all about choosing swimwear that looks just that little bit more special.

So, let’s get the swimwear down first… starting with one-piece bathing suits.

One-pieces are PERFECT for pool parties for a few reasons.

·     You don’t need to worry about tan lines so you can forget any issues with asymmetric straps or cut-outs because you won’t be laying down in the sunshine anyway. You’ll be dancing!

·     They’re just that little bit more glamorous in lots of ways.

·     They’re ultra-flattering and go with so many options because let’s face it, they’re just bodysuits that you can jump in the pool wearing!

All of these one-piece swimwear picks are from Shop It To Me’s partners so note the price tag reductions (even though it’s May!).

If one-piece swimsuits aren’t your bag, then not to worry because we’re covering bikini two-pieces here too.

When it comes to choosing great pool party swimwear, we’re always looking for something a little different with some quirky details. You can choose minimal and simple (which are still great) anytime. But if you’re headed to Las Vegas for a pool party, why not go for it?

All these bikinis have a little extra something-something that we think make them stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. We LOVE bikini tops with some serious fun.

If you’re not sure if you want to do a one-piece or a bikini two-piece because you’re not quite sure what suits your body shape the best, remember to check out our blog series on body shapes. We started with pear-shaped figures and went on to discuss hourglass, apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle. So, if you want to find out more about what styles and shapes will suit your individual body shape, check them out!

One You’ve Nailed the Swimwear, Just Add a Sarong

If you want to keep your look super simple, why not add a sheer sarong (which can be tied in so many ways) and just add wedges and a bag. Sorted.

A sarong is one way to give your look a sexy twist with a little bit of cover but nothing too heavy. Plus, you can wear it as a high-waist skirt, tied at the side with a slit, wrapped about your neck as a halter dress, tucked as a strapless midi dress or even use it as a towel or headscarf later in the day. Versatility is key for summer packing.

You Don’t Have to Flash the Flesh If You Don’t Want To

Unfortunately, the reality is that lots of us ladies will actually be a little worried about a pool party invite. It could mean that creating a pool party look could actually cause stress if you’re not ultra-keen on flashing lots of skin and wearing swimwear around a bunch of people (especially people who you might not know too well).

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to cover-up a little more, that’s fine too! Don’t forget that there are several ways you can rock a covered up look and make it your own. Here, we thought we’d take two routes, tomboy style and covered-up feminine -  just to show you a couple of examples.

Tomboy Pool Party Style

If you’ve got a slightly less feminine style, swimwear can cause you a few issues. But this shouldn’t be the case! You can still rock a killer look wearing your own personal style by opting for things like a crop top board shorts, cut-off denim shorts or more athleisure style pieces.

These shapes will keep your signature tomboy style but give your look a definite pool party vibe. Here are a few pieces we love from Shop It To Me.

Choose slightly more girly swimwear but with a definite athleisure edge to keep your look a little more tomboy.

Covered Up Feminine Pool Party Style

Maxi dresses are without a doubt the go-to choice for someone who loves to look feminine but wants to keep a little more covered up. It’s not an attempt to try and hide away in a maxi dress, it’s more about finding a piece of clothing that works for the dress code but allows you to feel fabulous AND comfortable at the same time. Opt for bold statement color instead of ditsy floral prints to make more of an impact.

Here are some of our favorite maxi dresses that would work perfectly at a poolside party.

Is it a cover-up, is it a maxi? It’s sheer but covered enough for both and we LOVE this caftan.

Dresses Allowed

If you’re not planning to sunbathe or actually swim, you can simply rock a dress to a pool party, especially if this is what makes you feel your most comfortable. Our style advice? Go short, colorful, and not too tight. Also, avoid heavy fabric. It might feel great when you’re looking in the mirror at home but in reality, you’ll be suffering in the heat without a swimsuit underneath to save you!!

Here are some of our favorite options.

Nail the Accessories

Well, of course, the accessories are of ultimate importance when it comes to shopping for a pool party outfit. They’re make or break! From hats to sunglasses, wedges to basket bags, get the accessories right and you’re good to go.


Just because you’re by the pool doesn’t mean jewelry goes out of the window. Choose statement pieces and if in doubt, a hoop earring can never lead you astray.


Sunhats or headscarves, whichever you prefer, if you’re heading to a pool party, you need some serious headwear to complete your look.


Pool party bags have two requirements; they need to be large enough to get all your stuff in (sunblock, a bottle of water, a change of shoes (maybe even clothes), hair and makeup top-ups, and so on, and they need to look good.


Whether you’re a flip flops or a wedges kinda girl, shoes are just as important for your look as the swimwear and cover-ups you opt for on top.


Never forget your sunnies. They not only complete an outfit with an extra edge but they also really help you to look less startled while out in the sunshine all day. You know you’ll be mad if you forget them! For pool parties, you can either opt for classic and simple or just go for it. Here are examples of both, all from Shop It To Me and all on sale, right now. And check out our sunglasses blog for even more inspo!

When it comes to dressing for a pool party vibe, it’s all about being creative and daring to explore a new look but also ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable if you’re by the poolside all day long. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your swimwear all day and trying to have fun so make sure you choose pieces that you actually love and that feel great!

Also – NEVER forget your sunblock and remember to keep hydrated with as much water as you can throughout the day to make sure your fun doesn’t get the better of you. Sunstroke is not a chic accessory!

Keep your eyes on the Shop It To Me blog for more styling tips on things like summer events, festival inspired outfits and even our ultimate vacation packing list! Plus, remember to sign up today to get everything you buy from now on, on sale.