We recently decorated one of the walls here at Shop It To Me HQ with shopping bags!

This made me think about the merits of a shopping bag, and what I personally consider to constitute a good one….

  1. The sturdier, the better. Have you seen Cole Haan’s bag? That is one sturdy bag that will hold up in the rain!

  2. A nice rope, ribbon, or cloth handle that won’t break. It’s a plus when they fit over your shoulder when shopping, so you can still have free hands when in another store or on the bus/train/subway. Banana Republic does a good job with this.

  1. Colorful, eye-catching, or interesting/unique design. Neiman Marcus generally has interesting bags as well as Kate Spade, many local boutiques, and even babygap. It’s great when you can give a gift in the store bag and have a beautiful appearance without needing to re-wrap it!

  2. Practical sizes. I don’t necessarily want to be carrying around a big honkin’ size shopping bag if I only bought a t-shirt! However, I am a fan of smaller size shopping bags to fit these mini purchases. Definitely prefer this over a plastic bag, primarily because you can re-use these paper bags more easily to carry lunch or shoes, for example. I will say though that Sephora uses these tiny tiny shopping bags that I can never figure out what to do with after I make a purchase…unless I am using them to wrap a gift! Any thoughts?

  3. Unique surprises. Interestingly, Bluefly puts a shopping bag in your box when you receive a shipment from them. I think this is brilliant — extra free advertising as people carry around the bags, and many customers ship items to their workplaces so it provides easy transport for the way home!

What other shopping bags rank among your favorites?