Vogue's September Issue - 2007 vs. 2009

The September Issue” is soon hitting theaters everywhere, highlighting the making of the biggest-ever September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine.  I’m excited to see this film, and was also excited to receive my very own September 2009 issue of Vogue a few weeks back…

This year’s September Vogue has required enough effort to haul around, so it’s difficult to even conceive of the legendary 2007 monster edition.  As I’ve lugged the latest issue in my bag to read as I take public transportation to/from work each day, it’s reminiscent of carrying around a yearbook!  And it’s taken me at least five 20-minute train rides to get through it from cover to cover (most magazines I can finish off easily in a round trip experience)…

So here’s a breakdown of fascinating stats comparing famous 2007 issue with this year’s publication.  Most of the below stats are courtesy of a recent WSJ article, but I was so curious about the pound comparison, that I even weighed this year’s magazine myself!:

Vogue September Issue covers

Vogue September Issue comparisons

So while this year’s 2009 issue is down in pages, # of ads, and weight — my big question — what do you think about the cover choice: Sienna from 2007 or Charlize 2009?