naimascloset1*Think red pumps can’t be paired with red pants, a red shirt, and an accompanying red blazer? Think again! It’s not always easy to pull off, but when done correctly, a monochromatic ensemble can scream chic. Naima’s Closet – all about style, shopping, and fashionable events – is here to help you rock this look, with a few tips and things to consider before taking the plunge.

The visual illusion that a monochromatic outfit can create is a slimmer, longer body line by moving the eye down the body, from head to toe, featuring one color. Don’t think of an outfit all in one color as bland and boring, consider it a fashion challenge with the best benefits of making you look great and making you feel great in your clothes. Check out these five tips for a slimmer look (without exercise) to style the perfect monochromatic outfit for you.


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Clothing pieces with texture add visual interest and tactile appeal when you style an outfit in one color. Don’t be afraid to mix cashmere and leather or cotton and wool. Texture adds interest to your finished look.


Generally, layered outfits look more put together. All of the layers in an outfit enhance your style while matching the pieces stays simple in just one color.

Don’t be afraid to tweak

Fashion is fun and style is personal, so don’t be afraid to tweak the rules a bit. Monochromatic can mean one color, but consider being daring and mixing up an outfit by using different hues of the same color. A mix of shades can be appealing and figure flattering as well.

Use visual tricks

With a monochromatic palette, it becomes easier to use visual fashion tricks because you don’t have to worry about matching patterns. Playing with an outfit’s proportions can create a slimmer, camouflaged body line. Fashionable visual trickery is all about the cut, tailoring, or style of an item and using one color makes the outfit look pulled together effortlessly.


Accessories are always the final touch. Use jewelry, belts, scarves, leggings, or whatever personal accessory you desire to compliment your monochromatic look. Use the same color or add a splash of a different color. Remember: when adding a belt to a monochromatic look, a slimmer sized belt visually looks better. A slim belt keeps the eye moving with the color and not focused on the belt.

Update your personal look with these modern monochromatic style tips.