Sometimes the best part about fashion is pairing unexpected styles together. It’s all about being creative and expressing yourself! Sahi from Barely Vogue is here to share a few stylish clothing combinations that you never saw coming.

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Florals and Military -style Jackets

Military-style jackets are huge this season but can tend to look costumey or masculine without the right styling. The best way to make the military jacket work is to pair it with your most feminine floral dress or a blouse.

Balancing the Sequins (via Garance Dore)

One of my favorite trends is sequins, which now can be worn day or night if you pair with off-beat tees or sweaters**!**

Shiny- Fur (via J.Crew catalog)

A hint of gold sparkly brocade peeping from a furry thing is the best look ever.

Polka dots with animal prints

How to tame your leopard prints? Just add some innocent polka dots.

The winner – Leather & Lace (via Topshop catalog)**

Lace can be boring on it’s own, but you can make your look more interesting by adding an edgy leather piece to a simple sheer dress!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match… have a little fun with fashion!