Cute-as-can-be personal style blogger and Shop It To Me Trendsetter, Jaclyn Schler, has a keen eye for hot trends, fresh manicures and of course, shoes. Learn her time-saving tip to make mornings less stressful, how often she changes her nail color (wowza!) and where you can go to drool over her shoes daily!

Sharing My Sole

Shop It To Me:  How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to start?
Jaclyn Schler:  August 2nd was the one-year anniversary of Sharing My Sole!  I started my blog as a creative outlet to share my passion for fashion, styling and love for fabulous shoes.

SITM:  How do you normally build an outfit? Walk us through your process.
**JS:  **First I consider the event I am dressing for and I usually check the temperature too.  I usually build my outfit from the bottom up, meaning I like to pick out my pants, skirt or dress first, shoes and then I choose a top and accessories.  Since I have such a well-organized closet, building an outfit is usually a pretty painless process! ****

**SITM:  **Name one fashion or beauty essential for each season that you can’t live without.
**JS:  **Spring – White Denim | Summer – Maxi Dresses | Fall – A boyfriend jacket | Winter – Knit tights and boots.

****SITM:  **Okay, spill it. Any favorite online stores?
**JS:  ****Too many!  Nordstrom (for the free shipping!), Asos, Kate Spade, and Piperlime.

Personal style 2

**SITM:  **What determines when you buy full price items vs. when you buy sale items?
JS:  It just depends on the quality, how much I love it and how often I think I will wear it or use it.  If something is a bit of a splurge, but I can’t stop thinking about it, I will purchase it.  However, if it’s something way above my price range that I can wait for, I will hold off for a deal!

**SITM:  **Now that you can choose to see your Shop It To Me email organized by either retailer, by clothing type or by brand, what method do you prefer/why do you shop that way?
**JS:  **I prefer to see my emails organized by clothing type.  If I am looking for something particular, I can go straight for that category.  It’s also nice to browse by category and see all the lovely shoes in one place.  :)

Personal style 1

****SITM:  **We’re all about time-saving here at Shop It To Me. Can you share a time-saving trick that’s part of your daily routine?
**JS:  I always pick out my outfit the night before in order to save time in the morning.  I lay everything out in my closet so that I can get ready and dressed quickly, while still looking sharp.

**SITM:  **Any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or a fashion faux pas you want to share?
JS:  Due to a previous embarrassing stain on my shirt, I now keep a scarf in my desk drawer at all times just in case I need to cover up a spot!

Personal style 3

**SITM:  **Tell us something unique to you — after all, it’s what makes you YOU!
JS:  I have an affinity for well-manicured nails and I usually paint them 2 or 3 times a week!  One little chip will bug me and I love to change the color with my mood.

**SITM:  **Anything else?
**JS:  **I’m just a fashion loving gal with big dreams and big smiles!  I love sharing my Daily Shoe pic via Twitter @sharingmysole and I hope to inspire others to dress to impress and feel good about themselves!

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