Here at Shop It To Me, we love our Trendsetters and getting a glimpse of their fashionably-filled lives. We most recently interviewed  Teiler Robinson, lover of all things fab and glam, and founder of She shared her fashion faves, seasonal musts, and some exciting upcoming projects involving nail lacquer (stay tuned!).

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Shop It To Me:  How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to start?
Teiler Robinson:  I’ve been a published writer for 7 years (newspapers), however, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. I was inspired to start because I’ve been a lifelong lover of fashion and lifestyle. I wanted an outlet where I could give my opinion on all things fashion, dining, travel and more, as well as develop a brand and a career.

SITM:  How do you normally build an outfit? Walk us through your process.
TR:  What I wear depends on my mood and the occasion. From there I may have an accessory or pair of shoes that I really want to wear, so I’ll build around that item. If I don’t have an accessory that I am coveting, I like to style a few complete looks and choose my favorite.****

SITM:  Name one fashion or beauty essential for each season that you can’t live without.
**TR:  **Summer — My favorite, enormous Nine West floppy sunhat. Fall (My favorite season) —  Leather EVERYTHING. Winter — Fur EVERYTHING. And Hip Chick cosmetics lip balm for chapped lips (I know, I know, it was supposed to be only one essential. I cheated!). Spring — Ultra feminine dresses.

Teiler Robinson

SITM:  Okay, spill it. Any favorite online stores?
TR:  YES! Yoox (I love the upcoming designers that you can find on there), Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi and Shop It To Me (of course!).

**SITM: ** What determines when you buy full price items vs. when you buy sale items?
TR:  I can’t really say that there is anything specifically that determines whether I buy full price or on sale. When I am shopping for a new season, I naturally tend to buy more full price items. When I am getting a few random pieces in the middle of a season, I tend to buy sale items.

**SITM:  **Now that you can choose to see your Shop It To Me email organized by either retailer, by clothing type or by brand, what method do you prefer and why do you shop that way?
**TR:  **I love to shop by brand, that way I can target my favorite designers and see what they have to offer.

Viparo Clothing shoot

**SITM:  We’re all about time-saving here at Shop It To Me. Can you share a time-saving trick that’s part of your daily routine? **
TR:  I like to “pre-plan” my outfits ahead of time, that way I don’t have to worry about getting lost in my wardrobe and running late.

**SITM:  **Any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or a fashion faux pas you want to share?
TR:  Let’s just say a naturally clumsy girl attempting to throw on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s for the first time and run out of the door in a rush isn’t the best idea…

**SITM:  **Tell us something unique to you — after all, it’s what makes you YOU!
TR:  I have an eyelash mutation that caused me to have a double row of lashes. People always ask, “where do you get your lashes done?” but they are 100% real!

**SITM:  **Anything else?
**TR:  **Be sure to check out and my Twitter (@jettsetfashion) for a daily dose of fashion snobbery and updates on my upcoming projects including a nail lacquer collection called Studio Nyne and a bi-annual fashion magazine called FAQTOR!

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