For up-to-the-moment beauty, lifestyle and fashion tips, you’ll want to visit 24-7 Style, a blog started by Shop It To Me Trendsetter, Laura Yoder. See how she builds outfits, her most-coveted closet staples, and learn a fun little game she plays using her Shop It To Me email (you’ll want to try this next time you open yours up!).

24-7 Style

Shop It To Me:  How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to start?
24/7 Style: I’ve been blogging since 2007, starting when I felt “stuck” in a career-rut.  Blogging gave me the opportunity to create content in the industry I loved!

SITM:  How do you normally build an outfit? Walk us through your process.
24/7:  Ahhhh…crazy, BUT, typically, I build my outfit by the shoes I want to wear, and then I work my way up.  The silhouette I’m trying to create will decide what pants, skirt or dress I opt for, which decides what top I choose.  There are times I feel like wearing a certain piece of clothing and then work around that, but typically…it’s all about the shoes!****

**SITM:  **Name one fashion or beauty essential for each season that you can’t live without.
**24/7:  **Winter: Cozy sweaters I can pair with leggings or skinny jeans. Spring: I am breaking out my peep toes at the hint of spring weather…there might be snow on the ground, but if the sun is shining, I’m ready! Summer: Dresses and strappy heels!  Impossible to go wrong with either of those. Fall: I cringe when the weather starts to turn because I’m so in love with summer…but I do love my boots – “if I’m going to have to dress for cold weather, I might as well look good doing it” is my theory!

Fall picks

**SITM:  **Okay, spill it. Any favorite online stores?
**24/7:  For accessories, 24-7 Style (of course!); but I love Shopbop, not just for their huge hot inventory, but it serves as fashion inspiration as well.  I love Etsy for their originality…I could spend an entire day without even realizing it looking through all of their stores.

SITM: **** What determines when you buy full price items vs. when you buy sale items?
24/7:  I’m super thrifty, so I rarely pay full price for anything!  However, if I find something unique that I’m going to wear a lot or for years to come, I don’t mind paying full price.

**SITM:  **Now that you can choose to see your Shop It To Me email organized by either retailer, by clothing type or by brand, what method do you prefer/why do you shop that way?
**24/7:  **I still sort by retailer.  I like to play a little game of “Who’s the Designer” in my head as I’m going through it.

Favorite items

**SITM:  **We’re all about time-saving here at Shop It To Me. Can you share a time-saving trick that’s part of your daily routine?
**24/7:  **I wish!  The only thing that seemingly saves me time is an early morning.  I think more clearly and am less distracted.

****SITM:  **Any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or a fashion faux pas you want to share?
**24/7:  There is the possibility I was in a fashion show recently in which the dress didn’t quite fit me correctly….the strap slipped down and the entire front row got a little more of a show than they payed for!

**SITM:  **Tell us something unique to you —  after all, it’s what makes you YOU!
**24/7:  So many things!  If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge Yankees fan, a little shoe-obsessed (I keep them in original boxes, organized by color), would wear dresses all day everyday if could, and I’ve never ever colored or highlighted my hair!!  It gets so light in the summer and I wouldn’t trade those natural highlights for anything!

Laura Yoder

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