Brooklyn*When it comes to fashion, bigger and bolder is not always better. Case in point: the totally addictive yet understated style blog Brook&Lyn, (a Shop It To Me Trendsetter!). *

She’s not only a well-loved blogger, but also a boutique owner, designer and stylist. We had the chance to catch up with the busy and always-lovely Brook&Lyn writer Mimi Jung to find out more about the evolution of her blog, her fashion influences and her quest for personal style.

Q: What’s your go-to clothing item?
A: It changes, but I always have at least 4 pieces of jewelry on, and one of them is always huge. Even if I’m wearing cropped sweats and a tee.

sweats crop tee_opt

Q: Who are your fashion influences?
A: Random street fashion inspires me the most, no one set of people but just just living in NY there is so much to absorb. If you see me staring at you its because I like what you’re wearing and I’m trying to just capture it. Don’t get freaked! There is also amazing inspiration from other fashion bloggers.

**Q: **You describe your blog as a quest to find personal style. How has your style evolved since you’ve been blogging?
A: I just looked through all my old posts to answer this question and there is a huge evolution, at least in my eyes! I think I have slowed down in following very mainstream trends and also gained an enormous respect for vintage jewelry. I hope it has gotten somewhat unique!

vintage jewelry_opt

Q: In what clothing do you feel your most confident?
A: I feel confident these days in long dresses. Something very feminine yet empowering about slim long dresses.


Q: What would be your perfect day?
A: Right now it’s one day where I can dedicate it entirely to sketching for my jewelry line. I just can’t seem to find enough time.

Q: Who takes photos of your outfits for your blog?

A: I use to take most of them with a remote but now my husband takes them. It’s actually a torturous routine. Believe it or not I HATE being photographed so we always argue. He want me to pose more I get frustrated because I’m too much of a “modest girl”. Getting photographed is like dancing with all the lights on…I’m the last person that should have a personal style blog.****

Q: If not clothing, your greatest passion in life would be?…
A: My husband and I are planning to adopt children in a few years, being the best mom possible would be my greatest passion. I’m sure it will trump clothing easily. : )