90’s culture has been slowly working its way into every aspect of fashion for the past couple of years. We have seen the rise of Athleisure and the return of the choker amongst a thousand other small nods to Generation X. This season, though, it is all about the feet and the must have footwear is the 90’s inspired slide(or confusingly sometimes the slider). Sure, we saw a little of this in 2016 but it was mainly confined to the catwalks and the occasional pair of celebrity feet. It’s 2017 that has truly seen the slide hit the mainstream and seriously up its aesthetic appeal.

What are Slides?

If only it were that simple. Slides or sliders mean different things to different folks. Mainly though it is a flat or low heeled shoe without a toe or a back and defined by a single thick strap of material that covers the foot. Some, however, include closed toe shoes in the equation which look a little more like a slip-on loafer. There are even those that call high heeled mules slides. Generally, if you slide your foot in and there is little or no heel, it’s a slide. These Prada sports sandals are a good example of a design which echoes the original 90’s sports sandals. Beautiful enough to up your style appeal while running any errand.

prada slide sandal

How Should I Wear Slides?

Once your feet fall in love with slide sandals it’s really not ‘How should I wear?’ but more ‘When can I wear?’ Slides are incredibly comfortable and perfect for running around town. The good news is there are huge array or styles out there. You’re sure to find designs that take you from the office to the bar and beyond. One of our favorite looks is to pair them with ankle grazing jeans or a casual summer dress to create a laid back summer vibe. You can even turn up the fashion volume on a neutral look with jeweled and embellished slides. We think these Veil Embellished Slide Sandals by Tory Burch are just about the prettiest we have seen this summer.

tory burch slide sandal

Which Slides should I Buy?

Ok, so if you are only going to buy one pair this summer then it is probably best to stay neutral. Tan or pale leather works with almost anything summer wise and is an easy to wear way to take on this trend. If your personal style is a little bolder then we say just buy the ones that capture your heart. These drop dead gorgeous Calvin Klein Evita Slide Sandals wouldn’t look out of place anywhere. Neutral enough to team with any outfit and gorgeous enough to fall head over heels for.

Calvin Klein Evita Slide

For a bold and fun take on this look try these fabulous Sequin Slide Sandals from Dolce and Gabbana. We think it’s impossible to wear them without smiling.

Dolce Gabbana Sequin Slide Sandal

However you wear your slides this summer make sure you wear them well. Check out our huge collection of gorgeous slide styles and get inspired today.