Top Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop This Spring

It’s the time of year where we’re all thinking about potential New Year Resolutions that we can take to better ourselves starting on the 1stof January (or whenever you like!). So, have you thought of one yet? Will you be quitting something? Or starting a new hobby? Will you be saving money or spending everything you’ve got to travel the world?

Whatever New Year’s resolutions you’re thinking about at the moment, consider one that relates to your fashion and shopping habits.

From buying second-hand to consolidating your wardrobe into a capsule closet, there are plenty of things we can all do to help with the fight against the damage that the fashion industry does to the environment. One of these things is thinking about the brands that we actually purchase from. With environmental and ethical issues prominent now in the fashion industry, we’re seeing a huge influx of sustainable fashion brands that serve up style with a more eco-conscious edge.

Not sure which brands are actually considered sustainable?

In case you want to update your shopping habits with a more sustainable approach, here are our top sustainable fashion brands, available to shop on Shop It To Me, right now.


Now a cult favorite with fashion lovers, bloggers and influencers world-over, Reformation has built a reputation for itself as one of the hottest sustainable fashion brands out there.

Designing for femininity to the extreme, get ready to see glamourous, versatile and effortlessly cool, slinky silhouettes and pieces that you can mix and match to dress up and wear casually. Known for their stunning satin dresses and skirts as well as beautifully cut summer dresses, Reformation uses only sustainably-sourced fabrics which include completely natural fabrics, sustainable fabrics, such as TENCEL, and regenerated, reused and recycled fabrics and deadstock to reduce waste to its absolute minimum.

Here are some of Reformation’s most signature dresses, now available on Shop It To Me. From workwear to the perfect girl’s night out dress or wedding guest outfit, you’ll find something for every occasion in this beautifully-designed sustainable line.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel has three clear values; soft, simple and sustainable. Designing sustainably-sourced and luxuriously comfortable clothes at affordable prices, the brand is becoming a must-have for any loungewear lover that wants a more sustainable alternative.

Innovating from the very beginning of their processes, AA starts with the fibers used in its fabrics. The brand sticks to basics that will always look good and steers clear of trends that might become obsolete come next season. Having popped up on the likes of InStyle and GQ, both the men’s and women’s collections are making noise in the sustainable fashion brand arena right now.

If we were planning to make a New Year’s resolution about choosing more ethical fashion, we might just start here with these unbeatable loungewear pieces from Alternative Apparel.


Chic, sleek, feminine sound like your style? AMUR is a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand that is rising to the top when it comes to ethical fashion.

Created in New York City, the brand’s name is born from their values; A Mindful Use of Resources. Using only sustainably-sourced materials, the sleek and elegant collections are designed to be timeless and stay away from trends while remaining effortlessly contemporary. The luxury pieces aren’t cheap but they’re made to last the distance, encouraging customers to wear their picks, restyling season after season. With a beautiful color palette and stunning use of fabrics, check this label out for amazing dresses and separates for workwear and off-duty goodness.

These are some of our top picks.

Amour Vert

If you’re on the hunt for everyday basics with a sustainable edge, Amour Vert needs to be at the top of your list. Labeled by Forbes as “a brand that is as close to being a bonafide sustainable fashion brand as it gets”, Amour Vert is making waves in the sustainability space while designing stunning, timeless basics that make dressing every day so much easier.

Once you’ve tried a couple of these Amour Vert basics, you won’t know how you styled yourself without them.

Taking eco-friendly fashion seriously, Amour Vert means Green Love in French. Every single purchase of a t-shirt from the label means a new tree planted in North America. The brand has so far planted 280,000 trees since it started this initiative. Producing only limited amounts of each collection to ensure minimal waste, 97% of clothing is made in California near its San Fran offices. Using TENCEL, mulberry silk, and only organic cotton, this label is one to watch for flawless basics that suit everyone.

Here are some of our current favorites, now available to shop on Shop It To Me.


If you need practical and weatherproof clothing but you want that sustainable alternative, Patagonia has fast become known as one of the most ethical brands in the fashion industry.

The brand is all about ethics and sustainability by using sustainably-sourced fabrics alongside the initiative Worn Wear, which helps past customers repair their items to extend their use and reduce waste. Aiming to give a louder voice to the environmental and ethical problems that the planet faces, Patagonia started as a small company making tools for climbers. Now, the brand has evolved into a global name for outdoor and adventure clothing, with every piece designed with maximum sustainability in mind from fabrics to production.

Here are some of our top pieces from the current Patagonia collection on Shop It To Me.


If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with more ethical and sustainable fashion brands, why not look into the clothing you wear to the gym too? This is where Athleta comes in. Designing beautifully cut and high-quality workout clothes, Athleta has more than 60% of its products designed and made sustainably and as we get into 2020, this number will rise to 80%. As part of the GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic group, Athleta is making noise in the sustainable athleisure wear world.

From TENCEL to Organic cotton, Athleta starts with fabrics and builds sustainability into its entire production process. With 70% of waste diverted from landfill, the brand is pushing for higher numbers with all of its 2020 goals. If you like luxe workout sets, slouchy tracksuits, and sweats and a super-chic color palette when it comes to your gym gear, this one is worth a browse.

These are some of our top picks from Athleta on Shop It To Me.

Changing your shopping habits just slightly is a great way to start to immerse yourself in a greener way of consuming products. With beautiful fashion and styling now available from a whole new generation of brands that value ethics, sustainability, and eco-friendliness, there has never been an easier way to kick off your new year with a great resolution.

Shop sustainable fashion brands with Shop It To Me and save $$$ on the price tag while you do your part in saving the planet.