By now it’s obvious that we can’t wait for this weekend’s Labor Day sales. We think you’d share our excitement if we shared a few more numbers with you. In this post we’ll focus on 10–the top 10 days of 2011 that, according to our data, offered the highest average percentage off discounts on men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing that was on sale online.

Let’s start with the top 5 days of last year, all of which fell on or around Labor Day: September 4 (Sunday), September 3 (Saturday), September 5 (Monday), September 2 (Friday) and September 6 (Tuesday). This doesn’t mean these days featured the most items on sale, but of what was on sale online, these days offered the highest percentage off discounts, 48% off or greater. The next best days were August 20 (48%-off), January 15, September 1, October 1 and August 23 (47.5%-off each).

You can compare that with 44% off, which is the average percentage off on clothing on sale online from our retail partners for the full year.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but like grandma used to say, “it’s better in your pocket.”

Methodology: Shop It To Me, the free online personal shopper, analyzed markdowns of nearly 700,000 items of clothing, accessories, and shoe throughout 2011, available from over 150+ online retailers.

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