Out of all the articles and posts I’ve read about Topshop opening in New York, I have to say The New York Times article and slide show was one of my favorites. They had an interesting take on the story and chose to spotlight the Topshop style advisers — the store’s personal stylists — who are so talented they inspire unsuspecting shoppers to spend hundreds of dollars in the store.

Here are the takeaways from the article:
***  You want to cop their style**. The Topshop stylists have exuberant, offbeat personal style that shoppers see and want to replicate.
***  You’ll leave feeling coo****l**. The stylists give shoppers confidence to try styles they wouldn’t otherwise wear – even styles they said they didn’t like.
***  They rock**. They have extensive knowledge of fashion, offer great tips on clothing to fit any body type, and are just generally awesome.


*Photos: Damon Winter/*The New York Times

But there’s one thing the article did not address. The style advisers do have a huge advantage of the average person when it comes to looking stylish and inspiring others – they’re all gorgeous!

They could wear skirts on their heads and still look fabulous, and everyone would still want their fashion advice. In fact, one quote from the article said they sometimes do just that. “Five girls out of 30 will all buy the same skirt in London, and we’ll never wear it the same way,” Style Adviser Gemma Caplan said. “We can all wear it on the same day and never know it. Someone will wear it as a top. Someone will wear it as a hat.”

Since I can’t actually be there for Grand Opening, I’ve been shopping vicarioulsy through Topshop articles.  Check out our Trendsetters Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Recessionista and Boston Budget Fashion Examiner for some fantastic posts and photos.