The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

It doesn't matter what beach destination you're headed to, whether it be a family vacation or a romantic beach getaway, your packing list will remain the same.

We love beach vacations, and we might love shopping for a beach vacation even more. So naturally, writing a packing guide is a happy task for us. #sparksjoy

Here is our Expert Beach Vacation Checklist . . . .

This packing checklist is done the only way we know how — stylishly.

Beach Bag

Like we said before, it doesn't matter if you're on a family beach vacation or if you're headed out for wilder horizons, some things reign supreme— like a good beach bag.

We prefer a straw beach tote, it kind of sets the tone for the experience.

Every bag seen above, including every other item in this article, can all be found on Shop It To Me. Shop It To Me is like a huge online shopping mall, but you're able to narrow down what you're looking for, so you don't waste any time. It's free to use and 100% trustworthy.

We just wrote a piece on Straw Handbags and it's a heck of a lot chicer than you think.


Duh. It would suck to forget these. Yes, as in more than one. It's a good idea, things get wet, trust us. Backup is necessary and these take up minimal space.

We like to think in terms of chicness, so we'd choose really sexy and elegant beach cover-ups. Stick to neutral colors, they will always match your beach bag, and you'll always look put together cavorting around the resort.

Think lace, crochet, and breathable pieces, like these 3. They're all on Shop It To Me, by your favorite designers.

One-Pieces & Other Bathing Suits

We love a good monokini just as much as a teeny tiny string bikini, and luckily Shop It To Me has an abundance of both.

Marysia is a hot name in the swimwear game and her scalloped edge pieces are instantly recognizable. We're totally gushing over her white lace-up one-piece (middle picture).

So now that you've witnessed some chic monokinis, let's get to the bikinis. Basically the #1 beach essential, the bikini looks good on everyone, even if you're scared to pull it off, stick with a high cut bottom and classic triangle shape top for a super sexy look— every time. It's more about how chic your bathing suit is, than how fat you think you are (promise)!

It's a good idea to get colorful with your bikini, especially since you're keeping your accessories to neutral tones.

P.S. Check out our 5 Best Bikini Brands Of All Time article, here.

Water Shoes aka Jellies

First off, water shoes have come a looong way. From Jimmy Choo to Valentino, even designers are cashing in on the jelly action, and we're not mad at it!

Seriously, every beach trip should include a pair of stylish water shoes. The sand gets hot, the floors are gross, and your shoes are going to get wet aka jelly sandal time.

Not only designer brands are making chic water shoes, other brands we love like Jack Rogers and Tory Burch make affordable jellies.

Flip Flops

When you're not looking for a jelly per se, you're going to need to include the always reliable flip flop on your list of things to pack. Again, flip flops have come a long way, and there are countless stylish flip flops available on Shop It To Me.

These are great when worn with mini dresses, maxi dresses, jean shorts, you name it. A flip flop is a beach essential, just like the bikini.

Note: you don't have to go for the traditional rubber flip flops, opt for a more fashionable pair, so that you can wear them in place of flats or heels for dinner.

Sun Hat

A VIP piece when heading to the beach, a sun hat will take you places— literally. You won't be stuck dying in the heat because your face and your head are protected from the sun's harmful uv rays.

You should really play around with Shop It To Me's site to find the good deals yourself, but all we can say is that each of these hats are under $39!

Stylist Tip: when packing, either in a full on suitcase or carry-on, make sure to pack your hat safely. Turn the sun hat upside down, fill the space with socks, underwear, t-shirts, a beach blanket, etc so that it does not get crushed. Now flip the hat right-side up, carefully keeping the contents inside the head portion, and pack it first. Now, pack the rest of your clothes around the hat and voilà, it will stay intact even through the roughest of flights.

You're Going Places

Whether it be a day trip or a far away beach destination, make sure to save this Beach Vacation Packing List, so that you can be absolutely sure you have the essentials.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to pack some aloe vera and a lip balm with a high spf number. Taking care of your skin is essential, just like taking care of your clothing. Buy less and buy smarter, invest in quality, and what would a beach vacation be without a pair of sunglasses!?!? We recently researched and wrote The Best Sunglass Brands For Men and The Best Sunglass Brands For Women, so that you can be in the know.

With Shop It To Me you can get a bunch of designer sunglasses on sale. Like we said, quality over quantity!