The Sleeveless Shirt

Such an off-beat topic, we never hear anyone asking for advice on sleeveless shirts, SO we're gonna talk about it. Because, we know that finding a great looking sleeveless shirt is hard work.

Switching up the narrative . . .

Instead of creating categories and giving you examples, we're going to show you individual sleeveless shirts, and tell you why and how they work. It's more fun this way -  then you can reference these when buying your next sleeveless top and remember the attributes from each that you love.


Diane Von Furstenberg

A mixed media masterpiece, DVF's 'sedona' top is the perfect sleeveless top to pair with super skinny jeans or leather pants. It works because it's longer, so it covers the tush and works great with (leather) leggings. The tie in the front gives it an ounce of depth without being bulky, and the slit from the crossover effect in the front is very flattering. This DVF top is so much better than a plain sleeveless button-down we could have told you about instead. #snoozefest

Ramy Brook

Finally, a chic sleeveless shirt for people who hate sleeveless shirts. Many sleeveless shirts are unflattering and widely cut, making for a very unfeminine silhouette, but Ramy Brook gets it right with this 'portia' one shoulder mock neck top.

This top is flattering on its own, don't be self conscious about your body. Forget the back, arm, or belly fat that you think you have and own it in this beautiful piece. Covering up your insecurities never looks good :o)

Wear this Ramy Brook piece under a suit look, with a skirt, denim shorts, etc. It's versatile.


Think mint is not your color? Think again. Theory gets this minty pastel color just right, and it will work in your favor (promise). Pair this sleeveless cami with high-rise denim or trousers, like the model. Throw a sweater over your shoulders, polo style, and enjoy your new look. It's good to switch things up or at least take little bits of advice and put your own spin on it. Hopefully we are encouraging and inspiring you to do so!

Btw, we just blogged about stylish & trendy work clothes, and this Theory piece fits right in with the theme.

Anne Klein

Every woman can use another black top. We love this one by Anne Klein because it's rather unusual. It features a pussy bow tie front and flutter edges around the sleeve hem. It looks way more expensive than it actually is, and because of the ruffle effect around the sleeve area, it's extra flattering.

7 For All Mankind

If you're not into the sleeveless look yet, we hope we're on the track to changing your mind! Bringing you options so that you don't feel like all sleeveless shirts are the same, we love this bohemian white eyelet top.

You can stick to your same aesthetic and slowly bring in different pieces, but style them with your edge. If you're into bohemian looks, check out our recent Top 5 Affordable Bohemian Clothing Brands post for some super affordable boho looks.

Michelle Mason

Who doesn't love a lilac moment? The texture of this tank is amazing and so is the design. Anything but boring, this twist tank can be worn with any bottom if styled right.

There's not much to say about this top, it kind of speaks for itself. If you're a quiet person but want to get noticed via your fashion choices, this is one way to do it. If you can, straighten your hair, throw it all behind your shoulders, do minimal but slightly sun-kissed makeup, and you're going to look like a supermodel.

Shopping Made Fun

In today's world, it can be slightly annoying to shop for clothes. But, have you heard of Shop It To Me? Shop It To Me is free to use, and it only requires an e-mail and password sign-up. Once in, you'll be able to price track your favorite items and brands, and everything is customized to you and your selected sizes.

Every sleeveless shirt we've shown you is available on and there's plenty more to see after you sign-up. It's free and it saves you money, showing you the best price for each item. It's a legit website and the brands come from your favorite retailers. Seeing things all in once place is so much better than hoping from site to site trying to see who has what in your size.

Happy Shopping!