As I’ve read my Shop It To Me emails recently, I’ve found absolutely amazing deals on designer denim.  For instance, James jeans from $176 to $88 and Joe’s Jeans from $159 to $111.30.  I almost forgot that designer jeans can cost upwards of $300 when at regular price!

This led me to question what will happen to the price of designer denim in the year ahead.  I tend to believe that the days of jeans at over-the-top prices are over, and there will be more affordable options to consider.

Back in October, an article by Eric Wilson in the New York Times shared, “The $300 pair of designer jeans is now, courtesy of the recession, the $200 pair of designer jeans.  “It was all just a fad,” said Jeff Rudes, a founder of the hot-denim-label-du-jour J Brand Jeans and an astute observer of the suspiciously inflated prices of fashion’s most eternally reinvented staple. Like any commodity that becomes overpriced, there eventually comes a market correction. And denim’s day of reckoning was long overdue.”

However, evidence, seems to point both ways — and I can’t determine if 2010 denim prices will continue to drop or instead creep back up:

  • Online, Barney’s CO-OP currently offers no regular price denim for under $150, aside from leggings…
  • has a section of their site dedicated to “denim under $150” but less than 48 styles are included, compared to nearly 300 in their overall denim selection.
  • On, around 70 out of the 532 pairs of denim were under $150, however the vast majority of these were denim shorts, leggings, or on sale.
  • seems to tip the scale, with only 100 styles priced over $200, and over 400 styles under $200 price point.

Which way do you think denim pricing will go in 2010?