Perfume Gifts This Holiday

Struggling to think of the perfect holiday gift for someone on your shopping list this season? You can NEVER go wrong with a fragrance. A special, luxurious and yet versatile gift that they can enjoy for months to come, the perfect fragrance promises to put a smile on your special friend’s and family’s faces. But how to choose!?

We’ve made your holiday gift shopping easier than ever by putting together this quick guide to find the perfect fragrance for everyone from your BFF to your beloved grandpa.

Perfume for Mom

Mom need a luxury gift this holiday season? Opt for her fave fragrance or treat her to something she might not dare to try for herself.

We’re obsessed with the packaging alone of Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori but it feels like it could be the perfect gift for mom.

Can you get a more gorgeous bottle design than Marc Jacobs? Perfect for super chic moms.

Which kind of Dior lady is your mom?

or super sweet and cute?

Cologne for Dad

Dads always appreciate a bottle of cologne for the holiday season. Lots of the time because they don’t tend to treat themselves. If this is your father, then choose one of the below colognes as the perfect luxurious holiday treat for him.

If your dad is a fan of Atelier Cologne, he has great taste. But obviously, they tend to be quite pricey in terms of fragrance…

If you want to treat him to his fave brand but without the $200+ price tag, these sets are a stunning gift for dad (and the first one is under $100!).

If your dad loves a designer brand name when it comes to his fragrance, you can never go wrong with Versace.

Plus – this great Ferragamo set is currently reduced by 45% to under $40 – which makes it an absolute bargain!

Perfume for Best Friend

You know your BFF better than anyone. So, choosing the perfect perfume for her should be easy, right? How about one of these faves?

OBSESSED with Prada’s packaging and bottles – ideal for any fashionista.

Is your BFF a heavyweight beauty fan? You know she’ll love anything from Laura Mercier.

Got a BFF with a little edge? Try an All Saints’ scent for something a little different.

Cologne for Him

We all want our guys to smell awesome. So, if you treat him to a bottle of luxury cologne, you both win because you both get to enjoy it! You could go with his favorite go-to choice that he wears every day for work. Or, you could choose something completely new and different for him as a treat. Here’s what we would go for.

Jo Malone has become increasingly popular when it comes to fragrance and that’s mainly because every single scent is on point! You really can’t go wrong. Plus, they’re so versatile you could defo sneak a spritz for yourself in an emergency.

It’s also worth remembering – all the Jo Malone fragrances are designed to be unisex!

Lime, Basil and Mandarin is a classic.

They also have smaller bottles which are great for on-the-go and only $72.

Bvlgari is a super chic choice and might be one he hasn’t tried before.

And you could even take the treat to the next level and add in this super luxurious Bvlgari shampoo and shower gel.

Perfume for Her

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect perfume for the leading lady in your life, we’ve got you covered. Try something different than her usual and the gift might just seem that little bit extra special for her.

We’ll mention it again (because it’s too good not to!) – we’re looking to Jo Malone.

Red Roses is a particularly feminine and romantic choice.

Make any Jo Malone choice into a full set by adding a candle or diffuser and she will thank you!!

A luxe scent in a super chic bottle, we’re into Bottega Veneta this season for her.

There’s no way you can go wrong with Gucci Bloom.

Or this set – for that matter.

Perfume for Grandma

Shopping for grandma can sometimes lead us down a bit of a boring path!!! We tend to zone in on what’s cozy and cute for winter for her – which we’re sure she’d still love! – but as something a little different, why not treat her to something that’s sure to take her by surprise. A gorgeous designer fragrance.

If she loves a classic, Estée Lauder is a great choice. Floral but not too sweet, Wood Mystique is the perfect light and feminine scent.

A set is also always a great choice and this Pleasures set from Estée Lauder is complete with perfume, shower gel and body lotions which she’s sure to love.

Another classic that is still hugely popular is the beautiful smelling Clinique Aromatics Elixir.

And if she’s into luxury with a stunning art-like bottle, maybe try L’air du Temps from Nina Ricci.

Cologne for Grandpa

Got a grandpa that you need to find the perfect gift for? It can be tricky! But avoid the basic slippers or scarf gift this year and instead, why not find him the perfect luxe cologne so he can treat himself with a spritz over the next few months.

Hugo Boss is always a good choice for the grandpa that appreciates a classic. Go for the fresh and versatile Iced cologne or if you fancy treating him to a set, the 2-piece Bottled Tonic set is ideal.

If you’re looking for a real treat this holiday season, can you get any more classic and luxurious than Hermes? We think not. If you’ve got a grandpa that appreciates the finer things in life, he’s sure to love one of these gorgeous fragrances.

Fragrance is always a perfect gift and with Shop It To Me, it’s a quick, easy yet thoughtful way to find a gorgeous gift for the loved ones in your life. So, make life easier for yourself this holiday season and discover the perfect perfume or cologne for someone special.

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