The Graduationista- Receive Your Diploma with Style

Dear Fellow Graduates,

The time has come to begin planning out your grad-day wardrobe. How can you look stylish wearing an over-sized “gown” and that silly fabric-covered cardboard on your head? Yes, this can be tricky…tricky, but not impossible.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Start with a cute summery dress, and build upon your main piece – use bright colors and prints as inspiration for the rest of your look.

  2. Save the floral frock for, say, your graduation *party *and stick with something simple. A basic canvas will leave you with endless possibilities for shoes and accessories! (This is my recommendation. Lets face it, you will be covered up for the majority of the day and your cute summer dress deserves more than that.)

The next step is to style your feet. You want something that will make you stand out, but doesn’t say “hey, let’s hit the clubs”. Come on, you don’t want your granny to see that! Stick with an open toe, not-so-strappy shoe that shows your ankle. Here are a few I found on Sale Spot that I am eyeing for myself:


  1. Stuart Weitzman – ‘Dorothy’ Pump

  2. Emilio Pucci – 793995

  3. L.A.M.B – ‘Tamika’ Sandal

Once you’ve found the shoes, the rest is cake. Think necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If you choose super-busy shoes like these Pucci ones, I would suggest picking one of the three — you don’t want to distract too much from the huge “it’s over!” smile on your face!

Draw attention to your lovely manicure with a giant cocktail ring, or let that hat come in handy, bringing all eyes to your earrings!

As for a necklace, I found one that is simply perfect for the event – either to wear or to give to your best girlfriends as a graduation gift:


“Free Bird Necklace” By Free People

I love the way they are layered, and how appropriate is the name?! Plus, at just $19.95 a pop, the graduation money you are about to receive could go a long, long way!

So let the countdown begin! With exactly one month to go until my graduation ceremony, I must call on you for a tiny favor: Which of the shoes do you think would make me a glam graduationista?

Your friend and 2009 graduate,