Is it us or does everyone else kind of dread the rain like the plague not only because it messes with your hair, but because it successfully messes with your wardrobe?

Not normally equating to chic, the rain jacket has been due for an upgrade for a minute now. And personally, if we're going to invest in this so-called water resistant jacket, we're going to go in DEEP with everything that we've got.

Alas, this is our quest to find the perfect raincoat a/k/a finally a raincoat we can get excited about.

File these under 'women's rain jackets that we actually can't wait to wear'

Believe it or not, we think we found the crème de la crème of raincoats and we ain't talking just one rain jacket. We've collected an assemblage of stylish water repellent trench coats that are so chic they rival your favorite go-to jacket.

You are now viewing the best darn wet weather jackets, all courtesy via Shop It To Me.

1.) Maje Checked Transparent Trenchcoat

Click the link under this photo to get more info on this perfectly styled lightweight rain jacket. The clear raincoat is still having it's moment, and in our opinion this outerwear "trend" will stand the test of time, as long as it syncs with the rest of your outfit.

2.) Sies Marjan Croc Embossed Trenchcoat

Continuing with the clear motif, this Sies Marjan purple trench from Nordstrom will take you places. We're already longing for rainy days to show off this striking, and on sale (but probably not for long), water-resistant slicker.

3.) Rejina Pyo Laminated Trenchcoat

Think traditional trench on an elevated level, this pvc waterproof rain jacket is exceedingly stylish. It features an adjustable belt with ruching to give the illusion of a cinch waist, and it gives off major utilitarian vibes with its adjustable cuffs and storm flap. How can you not be ready to brave the wet weather in this!?

4.) Marc Jacobs x New York Magazine

Dubbed "The Raincoat" by Marc Jacobs' collab with NY Mag, this pink drawstring hooded jacket is so sweet and darling that we almost don't want to cause any mischief in it. Definitely the cutest rain gear we'll ever wear, this waterproof jacket hits mid-thigh and we imagine ourselves frolicking in puddles in this nonporous poncho.

5.) Burberry Hooded Jacket

You can't talk about trench coats without mentioning iconic brand Burberry. And we didn't want to go the typical tan route (because you've already seen that) so behold this stunning olive-colored quilted lightweight jacket that will have you covered in the worst downpour. It features Burberry's vintage aesthetic, its zipper front is concealed by snap buttons and the same style snap buttons are used to close the back side venting, and last but not least this parka has a drawcord adjustable hood for protection.

I guess you could say that this would be our top pick women's rain jacket for outdoor activities— you know, for like drinking rosé when seated outside at brunch, as opposed to serious backcountry outdoor activities.

And in case you haven't noticed . . . .

We were able to snag all of these water resistant slickers using Shop It To Me.

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Did we deliver on the promise of viewing the best women's rain jackets?

Sure we could have easily included pieces by The North Face, Marmot, Columbia, Patagonia, and Outdoor Research (because Shop It To Me features all of these brands from trusted retailers, and on sale) but that would equate to an article featuring waterproof coats more for hikers and backpacking and here we wanted to focus more on FASHION.

Which, by the way, we recently wrote an article on "What to wear on a hike" so you might want to check that out, too.

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