heres_looking_like_youIt’s Trendsetter Thursday! Now that mixing high and low brands is commonplace, the focus has shifted to mixing the old with the new. Our Trendsetter Jaynie Van Roe of Here’s Looking Like You, Kid shares an overview of some major vintage venues. Be sure to check out her blog to enter a glamorous world of vintage fashion based on classic films!

**When it comes to shopping for vintage clothing and accessories, most people automatically think of vintage fashion shops.  But there are other places to find vintage clothing too — and I’ve found fantastic vintage apparel and accessories at each of them!



In all cases, the inventory is unique and changes often — stock sold isn’t replenished with the next truck, but rather replaced with new finds of vintage uniqueness. So don’t dismiss a location based on even a few visits; you never know what might hit the racks and shelves even an hour after you leave!  That’s just another reason why shopping for vintage fashions is so addicting.