The Fall and Winter seasons always bring our attention to sexy leather pieces including perfectly tailored biker jackets, thigh-high boots, and skintight leather pants that smooth and suck in all our flaws. It's hard not to like the leather look, but it's also hard to get past the fact that sometimes animals are inhumanely harmed for our vanity. So faux leather just entered the chat...

Faux leather is like real leather— but not. It looks and feels like the real deal, it can be just as expensive, yet it's not actually taken from the back of an animal, but rather made from various other materials that don't originate from live things.

Even if you're a die-hard leather fanatic, you can switch out, or mix in, pieces of faux leather into your wardrobe and no one will be able to tell the difference— literally no one. Faux leather these days is that good.

Don't believe us? Check out Shop It To Me's top faux leather picks for the Fall/Winter seasons that go above and beyond all expectations.

2020's Faux Leather isn't the cheap stuff that were our only options in the past

Over the past couple of years faux leather has gotten worlds better, and because of this its prices have gone up, but rightfully so. With today's faux leather, you're still getting the same quality and attention to detail that you would with real leather, so we're not surprised at its cost. However, faux leather (aka vegan leather) is sometimes still cheaper than the real deal, so being fake has its benefits.

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These are our favorite faux leather fashions ... enjoy!

A black faux leather tube top is definitely a classic closet staple. This faux leather piece pairs effortlessly underneath your favorite blazer and jeans look.

Leather and lace is a combo that we will never tire of. Tuck this faux leather cami into a high rise skirt ensemble to give off full femme fatale vibes.

Ladies take note that leather doesn't only come in black hues. This pearl white faux leather crop top is perfect for all seasons.

We imagine Bella Hadid rocking this sweet yet sexy pink vegan leather top with skintight faux leather leggings or a super short mini skirt for some 90's vibes.

If you're already a fan of the shirtdress, why not try it out in a faux leather fabric?

At Shop It To Me, we're all over the latest sales, and sometimes they go quick. Yes, we're hinting at this sale Nanushka vegan leather dress. Snatch this classic piece up while you can, and definitely wear a long sleeved top underneath!

We'd style this vegan leather long dress over a pair of denim or leggings, keeping the bottom open for dramatic effect. Add a pair of killer pumps.

This sand colored faux leather dress looks so luscious it's hard to believe it's not the real deal. The detailing on this dress is insane.

These faux leather leggings come in both black and chocolate brown— we'll take one of each!

If you're looking to make a statement with your outfit, choose these faux leather cigarette pants in toffee. They are also avail in black :) An oversized white button down shirt and booties would be nice to complete this faux leather ensemble.

Want to achieve a rich and well heeled look? Do it in these Jonathan Simkhai vegan leather cropped joggers. Go the monochromatic route for a full on luxe effect.

Wear this baby blue faux leather pencil skirt to the office with a white poplin shirt tucked into it. Add a fun pair of tights to amp up the look even further. Very Mad Men.

Sometimes plain and simple works wonders for the wardrobe. This Wolford black faux leather mini skirt is a prime example. Do a red lip to seal the deal.

Wear these plum colored vegan leather shorts with a black sweater, black stockings, and black over the knee boots. Alternatively, we love these in the Summer when worn with flat lace up gladiators and a simple tube top.

Shop It To Me loves these black faux leather belted shorts combined with a sleek black blazer and classic pumps. Do add pantyhose.

Few do faux better than Stella McCartney, vegan leather Queen, so these sale white shorts are a no brainer.

We'd actually wear this moss green faux leather blazer with Stella McCartney's above white faux leather shorts. Just add a white tee and a pair of white sneakers.

This faux leather jacket screams class and sophistication. Wear this closet staple with literally any outfit, but especially don this beauty to the office.

Vegan leather with a side of puff sleeves? Yes, please!

And last but definitely not least on this 2020 best faux leather fashions list is Urban Outfitters faux leather aviator jacket. Unexpectedly cute, right?

Faux Leather Faux Real

With vegan leather a fashionable commodity right now, there's really no reason to buy the real deal, especially if you're an avid animal lover. Faux leather is now both fashionable and refreshing, and if we can get the look without harming animals, we're 100% in!

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