Wearing real leather is so last season! Nothing against the real deal, it's everywhere, but it feels good to know that we can adopt different materials into our wardrobes without harming animals.

That said, designer sale shopping app Shop It To Me has tons of chic faux leather picks mimicking the real thing.

Here we'll show you the most current and hyper stylish faux leather (aka vegan leather) goods that are worth buying this season. You'd be surprised at how high the prices can go for faux, click here to see what we're talking about— and this just goes to show you that faux doesn't always equal cheap.

Many high-end luxury designers are incorporating faux leather into their collections, so if you had any doubts as to whether faux leather is only for the cheap-o's think again. Vegan leather looks way better than the "pleather" leggings of the past that you're thinking of.

This midnight black vegan leather maxi dress is ultra chic. The cut-outs are what make it interesting, but if you don't want to bare all that skin, try adding a sheer turtleneck underneath for a peek-a-boo effect.

Stirrups are back, but this time with mega sex appeal. These stirrup faux leather leggings look perfect tucked into boots or even with a classic pump for a fashion forward vibe.

This is your best shot to purchase a Winter white! These ecru colored faux leather flared jeans pair excellent with any top that you have in mind. Maybe a cozy sweater for Fall? This is the definition of a must-have, immediately add-to-cart kind of moment.

Honestly, no one is going to be able to tell you that this faux leather bodysuit isn't the real deal! Also, we bet you never imagined that a vegan leather bodysuit could look so good, right? This olive green halter is a clear winner.

With its sweetheart neckline and center ruching, this is another example of how chic a faux leather sleeveless shirt can be.

Looking for a faux leather hat to go with your faux leather top? Look no further than totally faux leather brand Nanushka's bucket hat, that also comes in cream and cognac brown.

This chic over the shoulder croissant looking bag also comes in black, and happens to just about match everything. Click the image and go to site to see how amazing this looks under the arm.

This cream colored faux leather blazer style jacket is so chic with its oversized collar and perfectly appointed pockets.

This fitted vegan leather blazer comes in other colors and it's definitely going to be a staple in our closets. Consider this your new go-to blazer.

And last but not least on Shop It To Me's top vegan leather clothing of the season is this gorgeous faux leather puffer jacket, featuring a rope for a belt!

Vegan Leather For The Win

We hope we pleasantly surprised you with our top vegan leather brands! Some vegan leather is so close to the real thing that it's almost impossible to tell the difference!

All of the above faux leather fashions are definite conversation starters, and let's be honest, sometimes we need something to talk about other than the weather or politics. Fashion unites us all! Even when you can't relate to another person's fashion sense, it's fun as hell to learn about what makes them tick when it comes to what they put on their body, no matter how bizarre or basic it is!

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Happy Shopping ;)