Surprise Gift Ideas for Under $50

It’s getting very close to the end of holiday shopping. That means, there’s a chance you’re just picking up your last few items and token gifts for friends or extra stocking gifts for family. OR – there’s a chance that you’ve just left all your holiday shopping to the very last minute because you just couldn’t face it yet and now you’re in a small but very intense panic.

If you are either of these people, don’t worry!

Shop It To Me is here to save the day and we’re doing it on a budget. Because sometimes, shopping small and keeping it real is just the best way to do it. Don’t you think?

Imagine grabbing every single one of your gifts for the holiday for under $50. Well, today, we’re making that dream a reality with some of our best suggestions all for under $50. Here, you’ll find suggestions for mom, sister, husband, and gran and we’re not tipping the bank balance over the edge. We’re keeping our ideas small and sweet and in our option, that’s the best way to do it!

So, without further delay, let’s get to it – our top gift ideas for under $50 and they might just surprise you. Because lots of these are sale items that without Shop It To Me to guide you, you would never know about!


Silver/Gold Hoop Earrings | Alfani | $14.70

Let’s start simple. If you’ve got a lady in your life to buy for and you just can’t decide what she likes, here’s a hint – she likes hoops! Hoop earrings are bang on trend right now but more so than that, they’re a classic. You might need to find out if she wears gold or silver but other than that, they go with absolutely everything. They can be worn day or night and with anything from jeans and a tee to eveningwear. Plus, she’ll keep them forever. This pair is chic and simple and although they started at a great price, they’re actually reduced by a further $10 which makes them an absolute winner!

Leather Wrap Bracelet for Men | Tateossian | $49.50

Similar to hoops for women, you can’t go wrong with a leather bracelet for men. Perfect for on vacation but also for a casual addition to any outfit all year round, leather bracelets are a great choice for dad, brother, boyfriend, husband or friend. These colors are neutral and will go with any kind of style which is great and this particular bracelet used to be a pricey $165 and is now down to over $100 off. Making it an incredible gift for your loved one and beautiful quality that promises to last.


Faux Fur Open-Toe Slippers | INC International Concepts | $14.99

Faux Fur Trim Slippers | Charter Club | $14.99

Slippers are the most boring present ever. Or so you thought! Slippers are actually back in a huge way and have become almost a cult gift this holiday season because everyone is back on the bandwagon of realizing how amazing it is to have a cozy and deliciously comfortable pair of shoes to rock around the house in. Any woman would appreciate the perfect pair of slippers and this season, you don’t have to splash out as much as you thought to nail the right pair.

This pair is a dupe for the famous Chloe faux fur slippers seen splashed across Instagram pages world-wide but these are actually under $20.

A dupe for the cult slippers from UGG, these are also a great gift idea. Plus you can buy both of these for just over $50 total…

Shearling-Lined Slippers for Men | Minnetonka | $39.95

And the perfect alternative for men of any age, these Minnetonka slippers for men do the exact same job. Wear them around the house and say goodbye to chilly feet over the festive season and beyond. Gift these this holiday season and we promise he’ll throw them straight on and never take them off!


Cashmere Cuffed Beanie | Charter Club for Macy’s |$41.70

Everyone knows cashmere counts as one of the most perfect gifts for the holidays. Right? But thought you could never find a cashmere gift for under $50? Same. Until now! Sort through the deals (no need as we’ve done it for you) and you can find these gorgeous beanie hats and gloves from Macy’s that go as a pair or perfectly as a solo gift too. In a range of colors, you can find your perfect pick for your special lady. And they’re currently reduced to under $50. Convenient.

Cashmere Gloves | Charter Club for Macy’s | $41.70

Cashmere Scarf | Polo Ralph Lauren | $40.99

The same goes for the guys. And this stunning Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere scarf is also now reduced to under $50 – just in time for the holidays. Plus, there are other colors you can choose from too.


Fleece Pajama Set |DKNY |  $28.00

If all else fails, find me one person that doesn’t (perhaps, secretly) enjoy the idea of fresh PJs on a cold winter night. Are we right? If you go down this route for a holiday gift, don’t think sensible and plain. Think festive, cute and above all else cozy. You’re sure to find a winner. This pair of DKNY pajamas are super cute and currently reduced from nearly $90 to under $30. Winner!

Pajama Set for Men | Polo Ralph Lauren | $44.99

Once again, Polo Ralph Lauren pulls through with the great pajama gift set. A classic buffalo print paired with a simple tee is perfect for all ages and snuggly enough for any time of year, including the festive season! Plus the price is knocked down to under $50 which makes it a great gift to open but also much easier on the bank account than you might think.

Make life easy for yourself!!

Don’t get in a panic about holiday gift shopping. Create a list of everyone you need to buy for, search this blog and pick out something that you think they’d love. Chuck it in the cart and get on with the rest of the festive season! But it shouldn’t be all about a shopping frenzy, it should be fun and festive! Happy Holidays!!