Summer’s Biggest Jewelry Trends – On Sale Now

We love to report fashion trends to you as soon as they hit the runway. Whether it’s the athleisure ‘90s vibes we’ve reported recently or the statement head to toe camo trend, we’re always on the ball when it comes to the season’s biggest looks. But we can’t forget about jewelry. Because jewelry trends are just as important as clothing. And, they evolve just as fast!

So, today we’re taking a deeper delve into the jewelry trends that are riding the wave of popularity for this season and picking out some of the key pieces that you can use to update any look. Take your most classic and over-worn LBD. Add some of the key jewelry looks from this season and it’s an instant contemporary upgrade. We’re obsessed.

So, we’re going to get you obsessed too!

Whether you’re headed on a city break to New York, the coastal landscapes of Cannes or the beaches of Australia this summer, these jewelry pieces will get you through with a touch of spring 2019 straight from the runways of Milan.

Plus, we know how it is with trends. They can move on fast and some of these jewelry trends might not be back for a few seasons, so we are also going to pick out some absolute steals on sale for you so that you can create the look, for less.


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According to your top-notch fashion stylists here at Shop It To Me, these are the top jewelry trends right now.

Bling Bling and Yes, More Bling

According to Harpers Bazaar, Bling is numero uno when it comes to spring and summer’s biggest trends. Whether you go for drop earrings, layered necklaces or stacked bracelets, or all of the above, more is better this season.

Don’t worry though, we’re not suggesting you run out and bag yourself a pair of diamond earrings or a sapphire pendant necklace. No, this summer, inspired by jewelry designers from all over the world, stacked on sites such as Net-A-Porter, there is a plethora of sterling silver and gold-tone options from high street equivalents that are well within an affordable budget.

Jewelry brands, such as are just one of the great-priced labels we’ve featured!

Jewelry With Color

Maybe this is just a normal summer trend. What do you think? Color in the summertime always seems more accessible but somehow, we think this summer, the trend has reached new heights.

From Gucci to Oscar De La Renta, jewelry has been vibrant, abundant and set to make a real statement for the season. Style yours with simple looks or take the trend one step further and team your bright and fun picks with an even more OTT outfit for serious summer style goals.

Love Hearts Galore

We saw OTT hearts on the runway from the likes of Escada and Balenciaga making them a must-have for this season. Bold, huge and seriously statement, this is a trend for those that really love to have a little more fun with their jewelry and accessories. Don’t play around with smaller, discreet options here, opt for pieces with attitude and a touch of 80s style.

Seaside Chic

We’ve posted in a little more detail about the shell trend this season already because it’s so darn huge! So, if you want to take a look at shell specific pieces, remember to check that out. But this trend isn’t just about shells, it’s all about everything beachy and vacay-inducing from shell jewelry to charm bracelets and anything at all oyster-like.

If you like the idea of covering yourself in shell earrings and matching shell necklaces, with a touch of super-cute and colorful friendship bracelets too, this trend is the one for you.


Chains had their moment in the late 90s and now a chunky silver or gold chain necklace is a serious hit when it comes to this season’s key looks. We saw them layered up on the runway from the designers and we loved how they were styled with super-simple outfits; crop tops, chic leather jackets, and even sleek LBDs. Layer them up and the key here is the bigger the chain, the better.

Not So Natural Pearls

Pearls are classic and always have been. Think Chanel as far back as you possibly can and you’ll always find a pearl necklace or some sort of pearl detailing as a key feature. So, you might be thinking, well, this isn’t a trend, it’s a classic. But this season, pearls have returned to the scene with a whole new look.

This time around, pearls have taken a modern turn. So, think hoop earrings, stacked and OTT dangle earrings and statement, oversized chain necklaces, stacked to the brim with mixtures of pearls and crystals.

Some designers for spring and summer kept the look a little simpler but it was still fresh and modern. Prabal Gurung, for example, played with modern shapes such as hoops and injected a touch of this chic detailing to give a classic pearl earring a whole new vibe.


Less of an overall trend aesthetic and more of a signature piece for the season, earcuffs are officially back and according to the runway for spring and summer, subtle is not necessary. Opt for fun and loud pieces in silver, yellow and rose gold and don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and to pile the pieces on! More is so more!

Something that pretty much all these beaut jewelry trends have in common? They’re EXTRA. And that’s why we love them.

Sometimes, minimal can be the chicest look going. But if you want to go head first into the summer exuding the trends, these are so the way to go.

Drape yourself in Swarovski crystals and fine jewelry, embrace the high street bling that you can find everywhere or mix and match, adding in as much color as you can find on the way.

However you want to style your look this season, injecting some of the biggest jewelry trends of the summer into your look is an instant way to update your wardrobe without a huge commitment to the style cause.

Dare to go extra this summer!