Achieving the perfect balance between weather-appropriate dress and work-appropriate attire can be a very tricky task. But fear no more, A Diva State of Mind is here to share her two cents on how to maintain both comfort and class in the office this summer. After you’ve soaked in all there is to know about summer workplace attire check out her blog for more great reads on fashion, entertainment, and relationships.

Now that summer is here, it’s time we make sure we’re dressed appropriately for work.  Many people have been pushing the limit with summer work-appropriate attire. Ladies, please leave the short shorts, short skirts, flip flops and spaghetti straps at home.

Now I know flip flops really depend on your work environment and you may be able to get away with them on a casual Friday, but they should NOT be the $1 flip flops from Old Navy. If your office does allow them on casual Fridays, they should be leather and/or jeweled.  Something dressier than the ones you wear to the beach.

Here are some other appropriate attire suggestions to make sure you stay cool but look appropriate at work during the hot summer months:

  1. Skirts & Blouses*:* Work skirts should be knee length, but to stay cool wear nice cotton skirts.  Skirts can be paired with sleeveless sheer blouses; a thin camisole should be worn under blouses so undergarments are not visible. Always cover shoulders with a nice cardigan or lightweight blazer.  This is a great outfit that will allow you to effortlessly transition from the office to happy hour during the middle of the week.

  2. Dresses*:* Dresses should be knee length, but you don’t have to settle for grey and black.   Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you can’t wear colorful summer dresses. Wear a fun printed dress paired with a SOLID cardigan so it’s not too loud at work.

  3. Pants*: *To stay cool, wear light colors such as light grey and light brown instead of black. Linen wide leg pants are also a great alternative to the traditional dress pant.  For the office, rock your wide leg pants with heels for a more professional look.

  4. Casual Fridays*: *Many companies allow for casual Fridays which means you can wear jeans.  Destroyed denim, denim Bermuda shorts and short jeans shorts are inappropriate.  Save those for the weekend.  Wear your dark denim jeans with cute flats or wedges.  If it’s too hot for dark denim jeans, wear linen pants with flats, a cute top and cardigan.

  5. Fabrics*: *In some regions, the temperature this summer will reach 100 degrees.  To stay cool, look for clothing made out of cotton, linen and rayon. All three fabrics are absorbent fabrics which will keep you dry and cool.