On those lazy Sundays, where you  just want to feel comfy wherever you go, slip on some loungewear and relax. If you want some ideas for stylish loungewear, Erin from beauty:design:life is here to help. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort! Be sure to also check out her blog as she shares colors, photos, fashion, technology, innovations, beauty, design, and life that inspires her and may inspire you as well!

**I have to confess: I have very strong feelings against wearing loungewear in public, and I generally don’t do it.  But lately I’ve been tempted to break my self-imposed rule, because I pretty much live in sweatpants when I’m at home, and changing out of them just for a quick Target run (especially in winter) is starting to seem downright crazy.  To compromise, I’ve found some chic (and affordable) loungewear that will give the impression that you put effort into your look, even if you just rolled out of bed.

To make loungewear look stylish, focus on how it fits.  Avoid the baggy hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants and go for a slimmer fit.  I’m a big fan of yoga pants, which are just as comfortable as sweats but look a lot more pulled together.  Tuck them into boots in winter for an extra sleek look.

Victoria's Secret Foldover Yoga Pants

Foldover Yoga Pant from Victoria’s Secret

You can even trick people into believing that you’re wearing denim by mimicking the color, cut, and details of jeans, without sacrificing any of the comfort.

Athleta Bettona Pant

Bettona Pant from Athleta

If you’re looking for a looser fit, similar rules apply.  Make sure the shape of the pant is flattering, and look for a thin fabric to cut down on unnecessary bulk.

Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Pant

Boyfriend Pant from Victoria’s Secret

When pairing a top with your stylish sweats, skip the concert t-shirt or college sweatshirt and stick with the theme of lightweight fabrics and slim fits.

Old Navy Three-Quarter Sleeve Lounge Hoodie

Three-Quarter Sleeve Lounge Hoodie from Old Navy

I love Old Navy for their basics: comfortable, affordable, and available in a rainbow of colors.

Old Navy Lightweight Scoop-Neck Tee

Lightweight Scoop-Neck Tee from Old Navy

A long boyfriend cardigan is perfect with yoga pants – so effortlessly chic.

Old Navy Roll-Sleeve Jersey Boyfriend Cardigan

Roll-Sleeve Jersey Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy

In sum, when choosing loungewear, go for a slim fit, look for lightweight fabrics, and choose tops you could also wear with jeans.  You’ll be stylish and comfortable!